Full NameHellCopter
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.8.3
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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HellCopter is a great game from the manufacturer SayGames. Although there are shooting and death scenes, it is a purely entertaining game. It gives you lots of laughs with simple gameplay and lovely graphics. In addition, players also enjoy many fun features of HellCopter. Let’s join us to learn more about this interesting game right now!

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How to play

Coming to HellCopter, players will transform into many types of characters. Your role is also diverse. Specifically, you are sometimes good, sometimes bad. However, you will have to do assassination missions. Players will stand on a helicopter and finish all the targets ahead. As mentioned, gamers can play many types of characters such as assassins, policemen… At the same time, your duty place also changes level by level. Although these locations look similar, the colors of the building and layout of the target are different, helping you not get bored while playing. Your task is to finish all targets that the game requires. At the beginning of the game screen, you look up at the top of the screen where the word Level… and 3 rectangles line up horizontally, that is your progress. When you make all the boxes turn green, you have completed the task. Besides, your targets also shoot back, so you have to handle them quickly. Honestly, at this point, I don’t really like it because the opponents are a bit slow. However, the longer you play, the more difficult the game and the more flexible the goals will be. It will take you about 10 levels to get to the speed you want. When completing the goal, players will receive a bonus, which can be used to buy guns and items such as bulletproof vests, skins …

hellcopter gameaplay

Other cool features

  • 3D graphics: At first, players will think the game is 2D. After 5s, you will see the 3D graphics appear beautiful and impressive. In particular, the slow-motion scenes will amaze players. Furthermore, diverse combat effects and intuitive sounds make players feel more excited.
  • Various characters and backgrounds.
  • Simple way to shoot: Players just need to click on the target to shoot. If you click on the head, the gun will automatically shoot in the head and you will have a nice headshot. Especially, when you shoot and cause combos-kill like double kill, the effect is very special. Let’s try it!
  • Collect coins and buy better guns.

hellcopter features

Above is all the information about the game HellCopter. Modgameapk.net hopes they help players have their first look at it to play better. In the article, we would like to provide you with the MOD APK version of this game with the Unlimited Money feature, allowing players to freely buy the things they like without worrying about the price. If you have any questions about HellCopter APK MOD (Unlimited Money), please leave a comment below! Having fun!

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