Hero Wars MOD APK v1.132.003 (Mana/Skill)

Full NameHero Wars – Hero Fantasy Multiplayer Battles
Mod FeaturesMana/Skill
Latest Version1.132.003
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Hero Wars is a great game, coming from the developer of the famous game NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD. The game is an RPG combined with an attractive fantasy adventure. At the moment, Hero Was mod is available for free on Android devices. In the game, you become a Hero, whose mission of save the Dominion land from the evil army of Archdemon. You have to fight to win the ultimate position in PvP matches. Besides, you can join a guild battle and RPG campaign. Let’s check the game right now!

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Hero Wars apk


The story

Centuries ago, Dominion was a fertile and extremely prosperous land. One day, this peaceful world was invaded by the evil forces named Archdemon. His league is extremely strong and cruel. Then, you had to stand up against him. In the game, you will play a hero, fight for the ultimate power, stop the chaos, defeat the evil Evil Lands, gain control of Dominion and set your own rules.

Hero Wars apk mod story

The gameplay Hero Wars mod

In the game, you will play the role of a hero, whose mission of recruit the most powerful heroes to form a strong army. Besides, to have more and more power, you must pay attention to unlocking and developing their skills and abilities. When you have a strong enough team, you can take them to PvP arena, guild warfare and RPG campaigns and win in the epic battle

Besides, Hero Wars has many interesting. You can upgrade heroes, create equipment and enhance their strength with the gold you earned from missions. There are three in-game currencies – friendship chips (heart-shaped items), diamonds and gold. Diamond is a type of unit that can be bought with real money. Gold is the type of money that you will receive through the duties. Also, there will be achievement rewards for you to try.

Hero Wars apk mod gameplay

The outstanding features of Hero Wars MOD

Diverse Mission

Hero War has a lot of quests to challenge your ability as well as to earn more bonuses. After completing the task, players will earn some valuable rewards and a lot of new experiences that traditional gameplay cannot bring. Also, you can monitor the progress of the tasks through the Quests button.

Trading feature

In Hero Wars, there are two stores. One of them is the Town Shop, in which you can use gold to buy an elixir and some basic equipment that heroes can use. The other store is the Friendship Shop, where you can use friendship chips to buy items. Friendship chips can be exchanged between friends and players.

Hero Wars apk mod shop


Taking part in the campaign is an important task to upgrade heroes. Each campaign will take place on a different map. You can receive quests on the map and complete all requests to receive amazing rewards. Besides, Hero War has many colourful fantasy RPG campaigns to satisfy your adventure passion.

Arena Hero Wars MOD

The Arena is a PvP battlefield, where you can compete with other players. Gamers can unlock this feature of Hero Wars for Android when they reach level 10. Also, you will receive diamonds and coins every time the rankings are up. In addition, Grand Arena is another PvP arena. You can only unlock this feature when you reach level 50. Moreover, the game also integrates global rankings to help win and save your glory.

Hero Wars apk mod boss

MOD Info :

  • Unlimited Mana (Unlimited Skill Energy, after reaching 100% it will never decrease)
  • No Skill Cooldown


With hundreds of enemies including the final boss, you can enjoy the most interesting PvP Arena battles. Gamers can form a team, fight together with allies in the guild and participate in exciting RPG campaigns. This is what Hero Wars brings to the player. Besides, the game is designed on extremely funny Chibi graphics, promising to bring you the most relaxing gaming moment. Readers can download and enjoy the game at the link below.

New updates:

Leprecat Festival
Join the fluffy fun and get some great prizes!

The Artemis effect
Our marksman hunter has learned some new skills and can’t wait to hit her enemies with her arrows! Let Artemis enter the battlefield with other Way of Honor heroes and watch her unleash those new abilities!

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