Honkai Impact 3 MOD APK v5.4.0 (Mega Menu)

Full NameHonkai Impact 3
PublishermiHoYo Limited
Mod FeaturesNo Skill CD/Skill Cost
Latest Version5.4.0
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Honkai Impact 3 is a great Japanese action game with extremely beautiful graphics. It is under the development of the publisher mHoYo. With graphic design in the Japanese Anime style, modern combat mechanism, the game promises to bring players extremely engaging battles. Currently, Honkai Impact 3 is available on two operating systems, iOS and Android. In this article, we give you all the information about the game. Besides, we provide gamers with the link to download Honkai Impact 3 MOD for free. Please join us to check it right now!

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Honkai Impact 3 mod apk download


The story

If you are a fan of Japanese comics, you must be familiar with the Guns Girl series, a popular Japanese manga series. The story of the game tells the journey of three girls including Kiana, Raiden Mei and Bronya. They fought against “Honkai” – A mysterious force, which was invading human civilization. Starting the game, it is the scene of Honkai landing on Earth, Kiana now descends from the sky with a strong will to destroy Honkai, restore peace for humanity and the world Honkai Impact 3 begins to open…

Honkai Impact 3 mod apk story download

The gameplay

In Honkai Impact 3, you will be transformed into a commander of the Hyperion battleship. Your job is recruiting and together with the Valkyrie warriors to fight the enemy. Your girls have different personalities and abilities. You can choose 3 characters, 3 attributes and 3 completely different fighting styles. This number will increase in the new updates, giving you a very interesting combat experience.

Besides, the game has a unique battle design. You can feel the control operation like gaming consoles. Especially, this game has a non-target fighting form with high intensity combining dodge and fury. In addition to good combat mechanics, the skill of the character is also the highlight of the game. It has been designed meticulously. Moreover, when your character performs skill, there are many stunning effects, which create excitement for players. In the game, the characters can move to any position. You can customize the viewing angle thanks to the in-game perspective of 3-way rotation, giving a satisfying experience to gamers.

Honkai Impact 3 mod apk gameplay download

Character and equipment developing system

The character system and corresponding skills will be divided into 3 different categories, with the counter-effects characteristic. It requires players to change flexibly but not be able to use one strategy for every situation or enemy. In addition to the sub-mission system based on the main storyline, Honkai Impact 3 has designed more types of extra missions, diverse challenging activities. During these activities, you can collect more types of rewards and valuable equipment.

In addition, to grow the character, Honkai Impact 3 also introduces a costume-creating system to both improve the appearance of the character and bring a specific form of attack. Although we only have 3 female characters, it is possible through the change of costumes that can turn out to be different ways of fighting, making the experience process greater. Also, you can level-up characters, improve skills and weapons for more combat power.

Honkai Impact 3 mod apk character

Stunning graphics

It can be seen that one of the first improvements of this version compared to its previous version is 3D graphics. The game world was built in a vast fantasy worldview with a vivid visual system. The main interface is very interesting. Besides, the characters appear on the screen with many social operations, highly interactive with the player. Even the context behind the character also has movement, eliminating the static state.

Honkai Impact 3 mod apk graphic download


Honkai Impact 3 is a great mobile game with many great features. The game supports many languages, attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics. For someone who loves ARPG games, Honkai Impact 3 really deserves to be on the phone. Honkai Impact 3 promises to be one of the most popular games in the future. In this post, we provide you with the Mod version of the game named Honkai Impact 3 MOD APK, which brings you more advanced features than the original version. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

New S-rank Valkyrie “Secondary Silver Wing” is out, participate in the event to receive a Chest of your own choosing a compatible Stigmata “Silver Wings”!
Update Chapter 2 “The History of the Late Honkai”! The cluster is gloomy, the sun rises and sets, and the moon does not shine. Search for answers in the submerged ruins, before the “Arrival” arrives…

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