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If you are a fan of watching interesting game shows on TV, and spend time watching them weekly as well as want to join a game show right at your house, Modgameapk.net will help your dream come true. In this article, we would like to introduce to you HQ – Live Trivia Game Show, which is the most played mobile puzzle game. The game was released by Intermedia Labs, supporting players to download completely free on both Android and iOS. With HQ Trivia APK, you will feel like sitting in the reality show on TV. The puzzle games are no longer strange to everyone. However, after playing HQ Trivia APK, you will think differently. Let’s check out the outstanding features of the game!

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The game content

HQ Trivia APK is an intellectual game that is causing a trend in the online gaming community. There are hundreds of thousands of money hunters trying because the reward for the winner is real money. That amount can go up to thousands of dollars if you beat all the other competitors and answer all 12 multiple choice questions correctly.

The competition will be held twice a day, usually at 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM (EST) with the help of American comedian Scott Rogowsky. MC will, in turn, offer 12 multiple choice questions for all players to answer. If you answered correctly, you would go to the next question. Otherwise, the player is immediately eliminated from the round. If someone passes all 12 questions and eliminates all the opponents, he/she will win the entire amount of thousands of dollars that day. If there are a lot of people win the game at the end, the money will be divided equally.

Each time the contest is held, the prize amount will be fixed at 1,000 USD, 1,500 USD, 2,000 USD, even 10,000 USD. Therefore, if you are smart or lucky enough, who can answer all the questions, you will be the winner. The amount you can receive can be up to several hundred USD or thousands of USD.

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Ready to test your memory!

As you know, in HQ Trivia APK, the main task of the player is simply solving the puzzles that the program offers. These quizzes will be taken in the form of multiple choice. It includes a question and three answers. You have to find the right answers to get to the next questions. HQ Trivia APK sums up all the knowledge from literature, science, geography, history, entertainment… It requires you to be a knowledgeable person to conquer all. In the first question, you can see them quite easily. But the longer you play the game, the more difficult the puzzles will be. Also, you have to respond quickly because the time for you to think and answer is quite little. Certainly, you cannot promptly use Google to answer.

With the above features, you will think HQ Trivia APK is not different from other puzzle games. But you were wrong because when playing HQ Trivia APK, you will play with millions of other online players around the world.

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How can you receive the reward?

As I mentioned above, when playing HQ Trivia APK, you will have the opportunity to receive cash. The amount can be up to thousands of dollars. This is true because the money will be deposited directly into the Paypal account that you associate with the game. You will be withdrawn if you have $ 20 or more. This is what makes the difference between HQ Trivia APK and other puzzle games. It has attracted millions of players around the world. Besides, HQ Trivia APK has a simple, friendly interface, making it easier for you to read and respond.

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To play HQ Trivia APK, you first need to download the application to your phone, using the correct name and phone number. You will then receive the start time of the contest. The countdown timer will start. Currently, the game is available on Android and iOS. Players can download on Play Store / Apps Store or download HQ Trivia APK at the end of this post.

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