Human: Fall Flat APK +OBB MOD v1.0

Full NameHuman: Fall Flat
Publisher505 Games Srl
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.4
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Human: Fall Flat is a fun puzzle game from the publisher 505 Games. It is designed on the PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PS4 platforms. At the moment, it has officially had the Android version. Human: Fall Flat was first released in 2016 and has received huge attention from the gaming community. It is also a popular topic on many YouTube channels. In the game, your mission is to control the main character Bob from point A to point B. It sounds simple but you actually encounter many difficult challenges right from the beginning of the game.

Human: Fall Flat apk


The gameplay

In Human: Fall Flat for Android, you will play the role of Bob, a guy with a groggy posture. He is responsible for solving a lot of puzzles to find the exit to pass the level and move to the next one. The game starts quite simply with easy puzzles such as pressing a button to open the exit door, moving a box to touch the switch to open another door. However, quizzes will gradually become more and more complex. You will have to do more tasks, such as operating machinery, wiring, burning fire with coal… and countless other weird activities to be able to find the exit. The variety of solutions helps the game maintain a new feeling from beginning to end. Although the puzzles sound simple, the mechanism of controlling the characters makes the game more interesting.

Human: Fall Flat apk android

Customize your character

Human: Fall Flat gives you quite a lot of looks for you to change your character. It could be cartoon characters, superheroes or other funny forms. The costumes are not too diverse. But it still brings you the good enough feeling with a unique visual experience, not affecting the content or gameplay of the game.

Human: Fall Flat mod android

Experience many unique playing environments

In Human: Fall Flat, each game plays according to a certain topic and divides into many small areas. Besides, the obstacles or objects are arranged quite messy. You must learn to overcome them. Your most important goal is that Bob goes from point A to point B, but the process has many interesting things waiting for you. Sometimes, you will be locked in a room with only a wooden crate. You have to use it to break doors or build ladders to climb over walls. The interesting thing is that the way of solving puzzles is very diverse, not confined to a certain pattern. They are all depending on your mind.

Play with friends, family or other players

With Human: Flat Fall, you not only play alone. You can play with friends, family members or other players through co-op mode. In this mode, you will join a team of up to 4 people to solve the puzzle. There are many puzzles designed for many people, so the perfect combination of team members is needed. Whether you are successful or not, you can go with your friends through challenges and explore the world of Human: Flat Fall, which is more than enough for a weekend.

The impressive 3D graphics

Human: Fall Flat is designed in 3D graphics but quite abstract. It looks like a game has not been completed yet. What is worth mentioning here is the extremely real physical rules, which you have never seen in any game before. Besides, the interface of the game is also very simple including a virtual joystick and two virtual keys to help you control the characters’ hands. Bob’s moves are like a child or as a drunken person. Sometimes, you have to keep clinging to the wall. It is hard to keep him standing. This can be frustrating, but it makes you laugh.

Human: Fall Flat apk mod


Overall, Human: Fall Flat is the most unique puzzle game on the market. It brings endless relaxation, challenges with extremely interesting but difficult characteristics. Besides, you can play with friends and family on weekends or holidays. Here is the link to download Human: Fall Flat APK v1.4 with more advanced features. In addition, we are trying to update another great version named Human: Fall Flat APK MOD. We will update it as soon as possible. Thanks and have a fun game!

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