Hungry Dragon APK + OBB MOD (Money) v1.32

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  • September 22, 2019
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New Update :
  • NEW DRAGON – Umbra the Dark: destroyer of enemies!
  • CAKE MODE ON – Crazy Birthday Events & Surprises!

“Big Fish swallowing small fish” is the most interesting game topic in the market. I found these games are very fun and suitable for those who like entertaining. Recently, the publisher Ubisoft Entertainment has officially brought this fascinating topic back to the game called Hungry Dragon. In the game, you won’t have to dive under the sea anymore but be free to fly high in the sky with your favourite dragon. Let’s find it out right now!

Hungry Dragon apk

The gameplay

Hungry Dragon takes players into a medieval world with countless mystical creatures in the typical legend of dragons. In the game, your task is to help the dragon named Nibbler satisfy his hunger by eating everything that appears within his vision. His food is very diverse, including birds, poultry, cattle or even humans.

Of course, you have to help Nibbler eat as many creatures as possible to survive in Hungry Dragon. Whenever Nibbler has nothing to eat, his vitality will be reduced. It may lead to starvation. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the blue blood bar in the upper right corner of your screen. It will show you how long your dragon can survives and how much food he needs for surviving. The bigger the creature is, the more energy your dragon will get, as well as the longer the dragon can live. However, you need to watch out for dangerous creatures in the air. They often have a strange and scary appearance. If you unfortunately eat them, your dragon will lose blood, even dies instantly.

Besides, the dragon also has an extremely powerful fire spitting mechanism. Eating prey not only helps you increase blood but also helps you increase your anger. When the fury is full, you can activate the fire spitting skill or increase the flying speed.

Hungry Dragon apk mod gameplay

Freely flying

Hungry Dragon has Endless gameplay. The game allows you to fly freely and eat whatever you want. Besides, it ends when you let the dragon run out of blood. So, you have to eat a lot to earn more and more points, thereby setting the highest record of the game. In each level, you don’t forget to collect gold coins. They are used to unlock new dragons in the game. The more you eat, the more time your dragon will evolve. When the dragon is bigger, its appearance looks very cool. You can unleash the power of dragons, burn everything on your way. In particular, for each stage, you can conquer a different land such as the cave, the sky, the fairy village…

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The simple control mechanism

In the game, the control mechanism is quite simple. In which, players just use the virtual joystick on the screen combines with some other virtual keys to navigate the flying direction. Besides, you have to choose the right time to accelerate for catching the target.

Diverse dragon species

There are up to 10 species of dragons with diverse colours and looks. In addition, you can also buy costumes that make the dragon more beautiful, healthier and crazier. However, I think it doesn’t matter if the dragon is strong or weak. The new player’s flying skill is the key factor in Hungry Dragon. With the extremely intuitive control system, you do not need to worry too much about the operation. However, you have to practice a bit to master the gameplay.

Hungry Dragon apk mod unlocked

The graphics

In Hungry Dragon, the special thing that impresses players is the beautiful graphics. It was designed in 3D technology. In which, the surrounding landscape is extremely realistic and beautiful. The higher you fly, the more clouds you can feel. In particular, you can immediately recognize Jack’s magic bean in the famous fairy tale. Everything is like stepping out of a fairy. Also, the dragon’s motion effect is very smooth and flexible. It is cute and fun, but still powerful.

Hungry Dragon apk mod graphics


Hungry Dragon is an extremely interesting Endless game. With beautiful and authentic 3D graphics, as well as the attractive gameplay, Hungry Dragon is a perfect choice for you to entertain and release stress. Readers can download Hungry Dragon APK MOD (Money, Unlock) to experience more advanced features. Thanks and have fun!

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