I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock APK v4.2.2

Full NameI Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock
PublisherKog Creations
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version4.2.2
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock APK is a smart alarm application, which helps you wake up on time. However, it has a unique way to force you to get up and turn off the alarm. The app will set many challenges for you to turn off the alarm such as math problems, shaking the phone, barcodes… Besides, you can optionally set the appropriate alarm bell to be able to wake up in the morning. Please join us to find out more about this interesting application right now!

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Alarm mode only turns off when users complete the challenges

Usually, users turn off the alarm by swiping to continue sleeping but they sometimes oversleep. With I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock, you can only turn off the loud alarm sound by successfully passing the challenge. After finishing the challenging activities, you will no longer feel sleepy. Rest assured that your important calls will not be interrupted because this alarm can be paused when a call comes in.

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Set many alarm modes and levels

  • The app has many modes for you to choose the challenging methods for waking up, specifically:
  • Physical activity: – Barcode: In this challenge, users have to go to the place where the code has been set to scan the alarm code, such as the living room, kitchen, toilet… – Shake: Shake the phone until the set time is up.
  • Exercise the brain: – Math: solving the Math to find the correct result. – Memory: Finding hidden similar photos. – Order: Arrange the numbers in order. – Repeat: repeat the given steps. – Rewrite: Retype the paragraph in the available template. – Match: Choose the correct answer about the capitals of countries in the world.
  • Besides, you can choose one or you can integrate challenges in an alarm to increase the level to wake you up. Besides, the friendly interface is easy to use and completely free. Therefore, you can be sure that you can try all the utilities. Also, users can set challenges for mental exercises at 3 levels, including easy, normal and hard
  • Various alarm ringtones – create ringtones from your music store
  • In addition to providing you with a diverse available ringtone, you can also choose your ringtones from the music store on your phone. At this point, users can choose to say good morning with soothing songs or a vibrant pop melody.

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With smart alarm mode that only turns off when finishing the challenges, this is an extremely useful application for those who have difficulty in waking up in the morning. Readers can download and experience this interesting application at the link below.

New update:
4.2.1-4.2.2: Fixes for issues found in previous release
4.2.0: Added:
– ‘Next Alarm’ notification with option to delay the alarm
– Multiple Alarm Quitting Prevention options in app’s settings (requires SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission)
– New themes, including one based on Legacy version of the app
– Mechanism detecting potential problems with the alarm starts
– More Loud Noises
… and more! Full list of changes and fixes available in the app.
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