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  • July 1, 2020
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A pub will surely have a lot of uninvited guests that make the security difficult to control. Have you ever thought of becoming a bar security staff? Please join us in this article to play the great game about this topic. It is ID Please MOD (Unlimited Money) – Club Simulation. In which, you will have the opportunity to become a full-time security guard. You have to keep your bar safe.

Although the game was released by Lion Studios, ID Please – Club Simulation has attracted great attention from players. It will simulate the hottest club in the city, which gathers young people. Despite the extremely simple gameplay, this game still attracts many players thanks to its addictive idea and many advanced features. Therefore, the game is more and more popular on many platforms such as iOS, Android and even PC. Please join us to find it out right now!

The gameplay

ID Please MOD does not have complicated gameplay. The game also proved quite simple, easy even when you first experience it. In which, you will play as a security guard at the door of the club. Your task is to check your guests in accordance with the club rules. There will be many unsatisfied guests and try to find ways to be able to enter the club in a smooth way. At this point, you have to prevent them. Before allowing someone to enter the club, you must ask them for their ID card to see if it is valid.

Every day, you will have about 3 invitations from famous clubs, on which are available working time as well as the salary you can receive. Players will choose the best place with the highest price to work. Usually, you will have to see ads to get the job with the highest salary. Also, players will have to work for 7 days with 3 shifts a day. For each shift, the club will give you a different rule that you must follow. For example, for the first days, the club only requires the age of the guests to be over 21 but the following days will have more special requirements, such as the guests must wear red or he must be in a state of alertness.

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Focus on the job

During the security work, facing the cunning customers is normal. They will do anything to bypass you. Some form of forging papers or even using money to bribe will distract you. So ID Please MOD requires you to have a cold head to overcome all temptations as well as being sensitive enough to identify all the violations. Of course, you will have to meet the hot guests who are willing to fight with the people nearby. As a guardian, you have a duty to prevent this conflict from happening to ensure your club is operating in the most professional way.

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Control system ID Please MOD

Besides, ID Please MOD has an extremely easy and suitable control system on mobile devices. Players just swipe and touch. The same way you select an object in Tinder, swipe to the right to let the customers enter the shop and swipe to the left to reject them. Also, there are many guests who do not meet the club’s requirements but they have a VIP card. At this point, you have the right to agree to them entering or reject. All decisions are on your own.

The characters

In this game, there are only 2 characters (representing gender) for the player to choose. Also, your character will also be granted an apartment near the club to facilitate the work. Players can slowly upgrade from a small, cramped apartment to a luxurious, larger one with full options. Of course, you have to pay more and more.

Rewards and items ID Please MOD

Moreover, players will receive a salary depending entirely on the working attitude. In each game screen, the level of work completion will be assessed based on the stars you receive. The maximum of stars is three. Besides, preventing the brawl or serving the distinguished guests is also an extra tip. You can use the money to buy furniture for your apartment as well as change the costumes for the characters. Also, you should not forget to buy yourself the cool glasses – an indispensable accessory of the professional Guard.

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The MOD feature

In this article, we would like to provide you with the modified version of the game. It will give you more advanced features, specifically:

Unlimited Money: This is a simple simulation game, so money does not affect your game progress. However, the money will help you unlock fun accessories for your guard. And you can also upgrade and buy lots of furniture for your apartment.

ID Please MOD is a fun game that brings you a relaxing feeling to relieve stress after stressful working hours. However, a minus point is that this game advertises quite a lot, and sometimes that makes players feel extremely uncomfortable

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