Idle Streamer! MOD (Unlimited Coins) APK v1.26

Idle Streamer! APK MOD is a great simulation game from MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD. It simulates a hot career today, which is Streamer. With the majority of young gamers worldwide, it is impossible to ignore some big names such as Ninja (the popular Streamer on the Switch platform), Pewdiepie (Streamer has the most subscribers YouTube channel in the world)… They are the most influenced names on the internet at the moment, which has inspired many young streamers around the world. Idle Streamer! The MOD APK will help you get familiar with this job. Besides, the game will give you an overview of this job. Please join us to find it out right now!


Become a celebrity in Idle Streamer! APK MOD

When you play the game, you start with a useless webcam, a small microphone and a computer. Gamers have to try to keep up with the requirements of the Streamer job. The initial items are basic but they will give you the opportunity to get started with this streamer.

Despite the initial difficulties, players will earn more money through the donate and the daily salary. After that, you have to pay attention to upgrade as well as invest in future projects. The question is what will you unlock first? A better camera? The latest computer components? Or a sharper and more quality webcam? … To make a good decision, players can refer to the game’s instructions or learn on the internet about the beginning of being a streamer.

Idle Streamer Gameplay (Youtube Watch)

Idle Streamer! APK MOD gameplay download

Assert yourself in the streamer community

After you have set up your first job to becoming a Streamer, your next job is to find a good direction for yourself and overcome the next challenges. In Idle Streamer! In the MOD APK, gamers have a unique opportunity to test themselves as a famous video game streamer. When you start playing your favorite games and sharing them, you will receive positive or negative feedback from the viewers. However, players will have more subscribers, reputation and the higher ranking. They will help you keep track of your rankings in the Streamer community.

Idle Streamer! APK MOD money download

Difficult things in Idle Streamer! APK MOD

Although this game has quite a fast gameplay and most of your work is very lucrative. However, it will also have many details that make you difficult. The first challenger comes right in the beginning when you have to set up your stream room. At this point, you only have a small amount of money so you have to choose between devices that are both stable and good at work. The next difficult thing is that when you have a lot of money, you have to consider what you should do. Players will be confused among many things such as upgrading the machine or spending money to buy subscriptions, views… This will significantly affect your career in the game. Finally, when you have stabilized, how to maintain, develop it and get high rankings in the ranking streamer. Gamers will all be experienced in Idle Streamer! APK MOD. We are sure after you experience this game, you will be ready to start streamer work.

Idle Streamer! APK MOD difficutl download

The MOD feature

With the MOD (Unlimited Money) feature, gamers will have a large amount of money to be able to win quickly on the job. In my opinion, you should play the APK (Original) version to have the most authentic feeling and have more knowledge to start a real-life Streamer job. Please join us in this game and become a famous Streamer like Ninja or Pewdiepie. Good luck!

New update:

– bug fixes
– performance optimization



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