Full NameJelly Shift - Obstacle Course Game
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.8.8
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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In the prosperous period of role-playing action, survival or MOBA games, there are a lot of blockbusters such as PUBG, Fornite, Apex Legends… They made all the players pay attention to. However, the entertainment games with simple gameplay were still keeping the high position in the mobile game market. We can mention Voodoo games like Planet Bomber!, Tornado.io… or Kiloo game maker with Subway Surfers. They are all well-known for their funny games. Today, I would like to introduce to you a new interesting game of the entertainment genre from a publisher Seigeims. It is Jelly Shift. This is a fun game with an extremely addictive one-touch gameplay on mobile. You just need to use your finger to transform the shape of the jelly, helping them go through the obstacles without falling or getting stuck. Let’s together with Modgameapk.net check the outstanding features of Jelly Shift apk mod below!

Jelly Shift apk

The interesting gameplay

Jelly Shift is a simple-endless-run game. Unlike other endless running games, it divided into different levels, almost like SpeedBall or Borderline if you may know them. At each level, you will see a red jelly standing on a road. In front of it, there are a lot of different obstacles. Thanks to the flexible transformation, the jelly can go through all obstacles, with your ingenious operations.

The task of the player is very simple. You just swipe your finger up or down to change the shape of the jelly. Make sure it has a moderate height to be able to move through the obstacles ahead without getting stuck.

Jelly Shift mod android

The increasing difficulty level

In Jelly Shift, the first few levels are quite easy, which are mainly for you to get used to the gameplay and familiarize with the game’s control mechanism. Later on, the level of difficulty will increase gradually so that the speed of the jelly moves faster. Besides, the obstacles also change shape more unpredictably. It requires the player to concentrate more and quickly reach the end of the road.

In addition, there is another thing to keep in mind when you do not need to pass all the challenges to complete the game. Whenever you perform a series of “breakthrough” phases with perfect levels, you will earn points Fever. When the Fever bar is full, you will be put into an unstoppable state. In this state, your speed will increase significantly that you can quickly finish the mission.

Besides, a tip for players is that you should try to play carefully in the first few challenges to get enough Fever. They will save you a long distance or take you to the finish point immediately.

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Unlock the costume

During each game, Jelly Shift will randomly cast gems in different positions. Players can collect them by going through them. When you get enough diamonds, you can unlock many items in the store including costumes for your jelly. There are many lovely outfits are waiting for you to discover. In addition, we offer you a simpler solution, which is to use our Jelly Shift (Unlimited Gems MOD). With the number of gems available, you can easily unlock random outfits in the store.

The lovely graphics

Jelly Shift has a multi-space 3D graphics platform but it is quite simple and friendly. In the game, the images are cute with elegant colours that are changed constantly. You will not feel bored when playing this game. In terms of sound, Jelly Shift also has unique music that matches the gameplay of this game.

Jelly Shift apk mod


Jelly Shift has is a great entertaining game with simple gameplay, elegant colour and gentle music design. It is definitely the best way to release stress after working hours. You can download our Jelly Shift APK MOD to experience the best features. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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