Johnny Trigger APK (MOD Unlock/Money) v1.11.5

Johnny Trigger APK (MOD Unlock/Money) is a funny and lovely shooter game from Saygames developer. To talk about entertaining games, you must definitely mention Saygames developer and their products like Perfect Slices, Battle Disc… In Johnny Trigger APK (MOD Unlock/Money), you will play the role of an excellent assassin, whose mission of destroying all mafia criminals. The more kills you make, the more points you will gain.

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The gameplay Johnny Trigger MOD

Just like SayGames developer’s awesome fruit slicer game Perfect Slices, Johnny Trigger APK MOD has quite easy-to-play and extremely interesting gameplay. Your character automatically runs forward and acrobatics in the air as much as possible. When you tumble, time will slow down, so all you have to do is tap the screen at the right time to shoot and kill all enemies. But if you miss just one, he may kill you.

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Challenging levels

In Johnny Trigger APK MOD, there are many levels divided into many types of scenarios in different contexts. In every ten levels, gamers will have to fight a boss, which has a massive surviving ability. This will be a real challenge for you. Fortunately, players can also unlock new weapons to deal more damage when they hit an enemy.

After each game screen, you will get an amount corresponding to the distance and enemies you destroyed. After that, you can use the money to buy equipment, upgrade guns, weapons and change your character’s appearance.

The graphics

Johnny Trigger APK MOD has great 2D graphics with funny character designs. Besides, the shooting screen is designed in a slow but funny style. Also, you will be able to participate in battles placed in different contexts, such as seas, deserts, caves… Besides, another plus point for the game’s design is that the developer designed many impressive effects, such as light from guns, blood spraying scenes when enemies are hit by bullets.

Johnny Trigger APK MOD unlimited money download

In general, Johnny Trigger APK MOD is a great game with new gameplay. Besides, the game has a slow tempo, as well as creating silly characters is the factor that brings the success of the game. Readers can download Johnny Trigger APK (MOD Unlock/Money) for free at the link below.

New update:

TURBO JOHNNY UPDATE! This time Johnny shows up with:

– STORY update: the brand new episode to enjoy!
– New to the game? Get your Johnny battle-ready with the starter pack!
– VIP upgrade: the subscription now grants daily puzzle pieces as a bonus!
– Johnny is now FASTER with significant performance improvements for the finest hunting sessions!

Coming soon: new story episodes! Boss fight is imminent! Stay tuned for the new things to come!

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