Junkyard Tycoon APK MOD (Money/Diamonds/VIP) v1.0.21

Full NameJunkyard Tycoon - Car Business Simulation Game
PublisherLana Cristina
Mod FeaturesMoney/Diamonds/VIP
Latest Version1.0.21
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Junkyard Tycoon APK (MOD Unlimited Money / VIP) is a basic business simulation game, which is quite similar to Idle Miner Tycoon. However, this game has a new story. Unlike Idle Miner Tycoon that you play the role of a miner who is responsible for mining and exporting, Junkyard Tycoon requires you to make a profit from buying and selling automotive products. It will bring you the most interesting experience. Please join us to check it right now!


Start working

Junkyard Tycoon APK MOD is a trading simulation game that makes you a businessman in the automotive section. In the beginning of the game, players need to create a new company through the guidance of the game system and start operating. Most of your profits come from buying second-hand products and sell them at a higher price. The seller will automatically find your company, bring the item and wait a while for you to decide whether to buy or not.

At the time of starting a business, the capital was quite small. You should buy to make a profit. However, you have to spend quite a lot of time and effort to dismantle the parts, process them and sell them to garage owners for 100,000 units. Sometimes when good opportunities come, you can make a profit of tens of millions of units with a car with a good engine.

Junkyard Tycoon mod apk gameplay download

Recycling process

Just like in reality, you first need to buy an old car. Then, you move them to the parking area. If the area for separating or repairing vehicle parts is empty, you need to put them in for disposal. After completing, you will receive a complete vehicle if it is possible to be repaired or individual parts on the other hand. For salable items, gamers can move them to the warehouse. As for the frame of a car, it is necessary to put them in the scrap mill.

So, a car has been completely processed. Now, you can visit the warehouse to check on salable items for $. Those buyers will pay different prices. That price will be displayed and constantly changing on the screen. You just need to wait for the higher prices and click the Sell button to complete the transaction. If you don’t want to receive $, you can exchange for other currency at the point of sale. The trading and bidding process is the same as you do in a warehouse.

Junkyard Tycoon mod apk process

Note when processing cars

There are quite a few things you need to keep in mind during the process of dismantling cars to get their parts. That vehicle may have been owned by a murderer or criminal, so they will contain bombs or weapons. Meanwhile, the screen appears two arrows continuously moving back and forth on a slider. If you put two arrows in the green area, they cannot be sold. If you place them in the red area, even SWAT forces find and fine you. Also, they can only be collected and sold when one of the arrows slides outside.

Upgrade your businesses

Although it is called a company, it looks like a scrap collection site at the beginning of the game. It is a simple and very narrow working area. Players only have one level-0 parking space, a vehicle removal/repair area and small storage. They are really shabby. After the hard work, you will have money and can improve them. In which, gamers can expand the car park area, upgrade the slot to place big cars that require level 2 or 3 stars, build separation and repair workshops to make the process faster. Also, you have to upgrade the warehouse to accommodate more items or upgrade the Baler Machine to increase storage space and processing speed. You need to upgrade and expand your company if you want it to grow.

Junkyard Tycoon mod apk items download

The MOD feature

In this article, we would like to introduce to you the mode version of the game named Junkyard Tycoon APK (MOD Unlimited Money / VIP). In which, it offers you with many advanced features than the original version. Especially, it will allow you to use an unlimited budget (diamonds), which is enough for you to buy and sell without having to think twice. Also, if you want to receive money, you just need to touch your amount in the bar at the top of the screen.

Junkyard Tycoon mod apk interface download

How to install the MOD version

• Please remove the current version on your device if it is available.

• Download the 2 APK + OBB files with the link at the end of this post

• Extract the file “junkyardtycoon.business.tycoon.game.zip”.

• Copy the folder “junkyardtycoon.business.tycoon.game” to the path “Android/obb”.

• Install the APK file as usual.

New update:

Casino timer bug fixed
Building Materials and Cost optimized
Oasis and Field of Dreams negative Energy fixed

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