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  • August 13, 2019
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King of Glory is a great mobile game from the giant Tencent Game, which is one of the most popular game developers in Asian and in the world. This game is considered to be the mobile version of League of Legends on PC. Although King of Glory has just released, it immediately won high ratings as well as received many awards for the best-performing game such as the Game Developer’s Award and the Award for Best Music Game. At the moment, the game is only available in the borders of Asian countries and mostly China. However, it proved its great attraction with the gamers. Accordingly, in the latest announcement, Tencent has officially announced the title of this MOBA, which has 9 million gamers entering the game every day. 9 million is indeed an extremely large number compared to a normal online product. Let’s together with to find it out right below!

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The gameplay

Although the gameplay of the game is MOBA, the control mechanism is based on the action role-playing genre. In the game, players have to familiarize with the control set of the move and the attack virtual buttons. This is considered a popular combination formula in the new games. It is for gamers to quickly become familiar with the traditional control mechanism of the real-time strategy game series. Although there is such a change, King of Glory still owns the true MOBA game features. In which, gamers still see familiar images such as maps divided into 3 lines with defensive positions everywhere or the intensive fighting scenes. Your task is to try to destroy the opponent’s main house then you will win.

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The familiar game mode

Considered as a copy of League of Legends, King of Glory also has quite similar game modes to the PC game. It provides gamers with 2 basic game modes including MOBA 5V5 and survival mode (Newly updated). In traditional 5v5 mode, players will team up with 4 other players, fighting in the MOBA battle. In this mode, your mission is to fight and destroy the enemy’s main house. Besides, in survival mode, it will really make gamers extremely excited. Many details are familiar to anyone or playing shooter titles like PUBG or ROS. They have been added in this new game mode. The character will be dropped from above. The position between is displayed on small maps. During the game, gamers have to loot equipment and fight with opponents to accumulate resources, from which you can buy in-game items. Especially, the game features the Bo ring, which will shrink after a certain period. Interested readers can follow the article “Instruction of playing the survival mode in King of Glory“.

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The graphics

In terms of graphics, King of Glory features a beautiful 3D image, a cartoon design style, reminding us of the famous MOBA games on PC. Also, the colour of the game is clearly defined through powerful skill sets, showing the impact of the ambient environment. This element gives motivation to players in battle scenes.

King of Glory apk mod graphics

When will the global version of King of Glory be launched?

Recently, China’s Weibo website has reported that Tencent will bring the King of Glory to the world. There are a lot of rumours surrounding the King of Glory Mobile version that Tencent developer would launch the global version, which makes Garena Mobile at risk of losing the top mobile MOBA game position. Besides, this information is not new. It is revealed by a lot of YouTubers, reputable websites and famous commentator of the KRKPL tournament – one of the awards The most famous of Glory in the world today. The commentator affirmed that the King of Glory international game has completed the addition of three new languages including English, Korean and Chinese. The area that King of Glory International aims to use is English, which makes gamers think of the Western market. This is where Garena Mobile failed.

The international version of King of Glory at the World Cyber ​​Games (WCG) was the first e-sports event in Korea. After a period of going down, WCG officially returned in July 2019 with many competitions including King of Glory. This tournament has gathered 8 teams of King of Glory (or named Honor of King). With the widespread promotion around the world as well as with unsuccessful Garena Mobile in the international market, gamers can wait for King of Glory to launch worldwide on CH PLAY and App Store with the named Honor of King.

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Revealing the Auto Chess mode in the game King of Glory

The Auto Chess mode of King of Glory or Honor of King has gradually improved. Recently, some gamers have posted trailers that were the first videos introducing this mode on YouTube or their websites. From those shared videos, we can see King of Glory’s Auto chess mode supporting 8 players like other Auto Chess games. Besides, the player with the most logical strategy, the highest dignity is the final winner. But the chessboard in King of Glory’s Auto Chess mode is not the same as other games. In this mode, the chessboard is only 7×6 equalled to 42 boxes, while the chess tables of other games like Dota Auto Chess mobile are 8×8 (64 cells).

In terms of strategy and diversity, King of Glory’s Auto Chess mode is quite small compared to other games of the same genre. However, this is understandable because this mode is only in the testing process. It will take time to shape its style and add some new features.

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According to the information that updated, the international version and auto chess mode of King of Glory will be released in September with the Big Update event from Tencent Game. These are the things that are worth waiting for, but the available features of King of Glory are the best choice when you are too bored with the Arena of Valor and are looking for a new interesting game. To experience the King of Glory China version, you must have a QQ account to play. You can refer to the article: “How to create a QQ account to play Chinese games”.

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