Full NameKnighthood
Mod FeaturesUnlocked
Latest Version1.9.1
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Knighthood is a great game from the developer King, a famous company with many interesting games like Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga. However, Knighthood MOD APK is a big difference. Instead of the typical puzzle genre, you can now enjoy the classic action role-playing game. It was designed in a vertical screen style. Please join us to check it right now!

Knighthood mod apk download

The gameplay of Knighthood MOD APK

In the game, the combat style is quite simple, in which moving is the key to victory. The battles are not entirely in real-time. There are also turns where you can create a series of attacks on enemies. Besides, the control is very simple. You just need to touch the enemies to attack. If you do it many times, you will receive a combo. As a result, for example, you can jump from one enemy to another by swiping horizontally in the sequence of your attacks. Knighthood MOD APK is inspired by the game Infinity Blade Saga to bring super-accurate touch operations. Also, gamers will have team members with special skills, which you can activate whenever you want.

Knighthood mod apk gameplay

Upgrade characters and skills

The story mode will give you continuous gameplay to collect more materials. However, like every game from King, you will spend energy to be able to play them continuously. They will recover in real-time but quite slow. The only way for you to play without being caught is to recharge the money. Along the way, you will travel through cities where you can buy better equipment, improve stats. Moreover, you can join many special events where you can face super bosses and get amazing items. With the extremely detailed character customization system, you can create a super cute character.

Knighthood mod apk character download

The graphics

Knighthood MOD has quite bright graphics and impresses players thanks to the flexible movement of characters, bosses and monsters. Besides, the scenery, trees, houses are also optimized. You will no longer see laggy images. However, there is a minus point of the game is that the game will be quite chaotic and sometimes make you confused.

Knighthood mod apk graphics download

Overall, Knighthood has impressive gameplay, diverse advanced features and beautiful design. Currently, the game is available for free on Google Play. However, if you want more advanced features and better gaming experience, please download our Knighthood MOD APK (Unlocked) at the link below.

New updates:

– Evil’s Gate: Battle Yokai of the Abandoned World in this brand new Event!
– Guild Boss Expert: Expert versions of all current Guild Bosses are out!
– Rift Addition: Discover new Floor layouts, capture Legendary and Unique Subordinates… and explore the Bone Market!
– Premium Card Guild Rewards: Everyone in a Clan is now rewarded when a member purchases a Premium Card!

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