LEGO® Tower APK MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.13.0

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After a time of disappearance in the mobile game market, NimbleBit developer has officially made a spectacular comeback with the great game project named LEGO Tower. This game was built on the foundation of Tiny Tower, which is also a game from NimbleBit. In the game, you will start by building a great tower with a variety of apartments for rent. Of course, you will build them with familiar LEGO characters.

LEGO Tower apk


The gameplay

In the game, players will transform into LEGO characters. You have to build towers as well as manage the apartments, control the number of residents, security issues and ensure the building works best. These things make the highlight as well as the attraction for NimbleBit’s game.

LEGO Tower gameapk

Construction and management

The construction in LEGO Tower is not easy because the amount of material needed will be very much. However, they are extremely scarce and quite difficult to find. So we have listed some notes that will definitely help you a lot during the construction process:

Reasonable game strategy: In the early levels, your goal will be to build and develop your tower as quickly as possible. It includes managing and maintaining services on each floor. To boost income, you need to create the best conditions for residents to visit the various services in the tower. More complex, you will need to ensure the number of items/services for customers visiting as well as employees in the tower. It will require you to calculate for optimizing your revenue.

Organize the employees for doing the right job: In the game, each character will have a certain strong point for work. Putting them in the right place will help you optimize your human resources as well as working efficiency. However, this is impossible at the first level because of the limit conditions of the tower.

Prioritizing to upgrade and maintenance the elevators: Similar to real construction, the elevator operating system is the most important thing. The same is true for the game LEGO Tower. Good control of elevator operation as well as ensuring a stable number of visitors are the easiest way to make money in this game.

Complete the missions: You will receive a series of tasks during the game. They will be delivered to you through a pizza car. Also, most of the tasks will be a variety of mini-games for players. This can be something for you to relax as well as helps you get more “revenue.” It would be a pity if you can’t make the most advantage of this factor.

Securing residential areas: Service business areas will not work well if there is a shortage of customers. However, they are mainly the tower’s people. You will need to carefully consider balancing between residential and commercial service areas. The appropriate rate will be 2 residential areas/3 service areas. On each floor, it needs at least 3 staffs to achieve the highest working performance.

Always ensure product and service reserves: You need to ensure a sufficient amount of items on each service floor by noticing the signal light in descending order of blue, yellow and red. Everything will definitely not be possible if your service areas are always in a yellow or red status.

LEGO Tower for android

Multiplayer feature

LEGO Tower not only brings interesting building and management features to Android users. In the game, you can also visit your friends’ buildings and transport bricks to help them repair the building. Join your friends to share experiences, collect unique pieces and discover individual characters. Build your dream LEGO tower to a new level, the only limit is your imagination.

The beautiful graphics

LEGO Tower is designed on extremely beautiful 3D animation graphics. Besides, the harmonious combination of bright and dark colours also makes gamers really comfortable. In addition, another plus point for the game’s graphics is that the LEGO character system is designed very vividly and beautifully. They bring players back to childhood with lots of emotions and memories. Besides, LEGO Tower offers players a variety of large and small buildings with different designs, from the ancient Chinese buildings to Dubai’s skyscrapers. You will be overwhelmed by their beauty.

LEGO Tower apk mod

MOD Info :

Unlimited Money/Coins


We are no longer strangers to the tower building games. But with LEGO Tower, you will see the difference from gameplay, character system as well as in-game missions. Of course, like most other LEGO games, the game emphasizes the collecting aspect. You will have the opportunity to accumulate hundreds of puzzle pieces and even meet some interesting mysterious characters. Please see the link below to download LEGO Tower APK v1.1.0 with a lot of advanced features. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!\

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