Love Balls APK (MOD Money/Ads) v1.6.2

Love Balls is a super cute puzzle game for Android from Lion Studios. It is very famous in the gaming community in 2019, which brings the best experience to players. Love Balls has simple gameplay, great graphics with an intuitive interface and cute images. In the game, the player’s task is to touch each other through the ball. Besides, it has many levels with increasing difficulty that brings gamers an interesting journey.

Love Balls apk mod


The content

In Love Balls for Android, two balls with red and green colours are always separated even though they always want to be together. These two balls consist of a blue and a pink. They have feelings for each other, but it is not easy to be together. Your task is to use the pen to draw the path for a ball to roll to the position of the other ball. You can help two balls come together. With simple but attractive gameplay, Love Balls will definitely make players love right at first sight.

Love Balls content

The gameplay

Coming to Love Balls game, you will have to go through hundreds of different puzzles. The game rules are quite simple. In which, you just need to draw lines or draw different shapes to push the two balls towards each other. In each game, you have to use your smart thinking ability to draw accurate pencil lines so that 2 balls can touch each other to make them happy.

Love Balls gameplay

Diverse levels system

Love Balls has 500 different levels to help you entertain, stimulate your intellect whenever you are free. As mentioned above for the gameplay, you may think it is easy. However, to make them together, it needs your good thinking and imagination. In the game, you have to draw the main lines so that the two balls touch each other. The game has the star rating bar for evaluating your performance. The maximum is 3-star quality at each level. You need to try your best to complete the game fastest.

The impressive design

For games with simple gameplay like Love Balls, graphics are factors that seem to be less noticeable. Like Happy Glass, Love Balls is designed harmoniously, gently bringing you the most comfortable gaming experience. Love Balls’ background is like a blank sheet of paper, which brings both new and familiar feeling to the player.

Love Balls apk game

The key features

  • Different levels: There are many puzzle levels with increasing difficulty. The more you play the game, the more difficult it will be so you should pay attention to play it the best.
  • Gold: Overcome the 3-star game screen, you will get 25 gold. Besides, there are some support items in the game, which can be bought with 200 golds. When you cannot overcome hard stages, the support items will help you win.
  • Changing the colour of the pencil: using gold to buy pens with nicer designs, new colours to help you interested in the game.
  • Funny balls: There are 10 different types of balls with various colours and designs. Besides, you can change them for more fun.
  • In-game wallpaper: Love Balls has many interesting wallpapers like a beach, soccer field, witch house, castle, pyramid…

The new features of Love Balls version APK MOD (Unlimited Money):

  • Unlimited MOD money: You can buy more balls and more suggestions.
  • Add new levels.
  • Effect, sound and GBM can be turned off.
  • The in-game difficulty and performance are optimized.
  • Fixes the bug that users cannot select levels on specific devices.

Love Balls icon


Love Balls APK MOD (Unlimited Money) is a free game for mobile devices, so players can try it anywhere, anytime. It is suitable for all ages, which helps you release the stress after working or studying hours. If you have any question about the app, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

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