Lumosity APK 2021.01.19.2110325 [Mod Lifetime Subscription]

Full NameLumosity
PublisherLumos Labs, Inc.
Mod FeaturesLifetime Subscription
Latest Version2021.01.19.2110325
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Lumosity is a free educational application on Android devices. It helps users train their minds through engaging intellectual games. The app includes a set of games, which promote a variety of skills such as memorizing, quick response, solving problem or concentration. In the app, there are a lot of interactive activities and mini-games designed by scientist and developer. It assures quality and educational characteristics.


Overview of Lumosity

Lumosity is a “handshake” between scientists and the game development team to create a new series of challenges for the brain. It is designed to increase user awareness as well as help you remember better, faster and more flexible than before. Besides, it also provides you with all the situations taking place in life.

In addition, Lumosity offers diverse missions to test users’ perceptions and minds but through new challenges. The task will be simulated through the game to increase the attractiveness for users. The achievement you in each game is a measure of intelligence and practical perception.

Lumosity apk

The in-app mini games

Lumosity has a diverse group of practical games include: memory training games, problem-solving, crossword, quick test, object-focused games … They are suitable for many subjects and for all ages. If you want to improve the agility and handling situations, you should invest in your account at Lumosity.

Before each game, Lumosity provides a very detailed tutorial on how to play. Moreover, the app allows you to play it to know the rules before actually starting to practice and score. If you leave the game (click outside the page), Lumosity will automatically stop. Players only need to create a free account. The process of playing through each level will also be saved that you can synchronize into other mobile devices.

Lumosity mini game

Diverse exercises

The exercises that Lumosity offers are varied, which are divided into different groups such as Problem Solving exercises, Flexibility exercises or Attention – exercises. Each lesson has simple images, colourful images. Besides, the task is not so difficult to understand. However, to level up, you will also be active.

Daily following your training process

In addition to the diverse lessons, Lumosity also allows users to track their learning progress with scores for each skill. The total points earned during the day or the number of consecutive days participating in exercises will be published in the app. In general, in the free version, the parameters are quite simple. For more details about your learning process, you can buy a paid version.

Lumosity training

The differences between the free version and the paid version

With the free version, users have limited the games that you can play in the app system. The installation options are quite simple such as changing the avatar image, email, password or personal information. With paid versions, you can customize your learning experience, from choosing lesson types (standard to advance)… Also, the application is available on mobile versions for you to train your brain anywhere.

With the paid version, Lumosity has full features from the free version and add many advanced features as below:

  • Receive assignments designed by scientists (when game designers and scientists produce the most effective lesson).
  • Practice more skills with challenging exercises every day.
  • Have the right to try out new features and test games.
  • Customize your learning process by selecting, reviewing and managing games.
  • Play more than 50 games with full challenges.
  • Track scores, compare scores with others.

The paid packages that Lumosity offers are quite diverse, including 4 packages equivalent to 4 different prices and different payment periods. You can optionally choose the suitable package:

  • Monthly payment of $ 11.95/month
  • Annual payment of $ 5/month
  • Payment of 2 years 1 time $ 3.75/month
  • Lifetime payment of $ 299.95

Lumosity best app


Challenge Memory, Concentration and more. Lumosity has more than 50 games into the daily training program to challenge the mind and sharp thinking ability. Besides, the game supports diverse languages ​​and is gradually becoming popular with over 70 million people around the world trust. In addition, Lumosity has versions for IOS. The games in-app games for iOS is sold as a subscription period including monthly price ($ 11.99) and an annual subscription($ 59.99). This fee may vary by country and region. This is a subscription form that automatically renews. It is paid via a credit card linked to the iTunes account and managed in the Account Settings section.

Below is the download link for Lumosity APK [Mod Lifetime Subscription] and Lumosity for iOS. If you have any question about the app, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have a good time with!

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