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Mafia City is a great mobile strategy game from YottaGames developer about the extremely criminal mafia. In the game, you will play the game as the role of a bandit or the leaders of the notorious gangs for power and business zones in the underworld. Mafia City promises to bring you the most authentic feeling of the mafia world.

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Attractive story

The context of the game is set in the last 30s. After an unexpected quarrel with criminals, a taxi driver Tommy was accidentally pushed into the mysterious Mafia world. At first, he was uncomfortable when he was with the Salieri family, but the money itself and the generous rewards blurred Tommy’s eyes, making it impossible for him to ignore this bargain.

After overcoming a lot of limits, dangers and receiving more and more money. However, the more have got, the more criminal he is. Tommy finally received the respect (we had to call it “respect”) from the Salieris. But this position also makes him confused. He thought more, fought himself for the new life he accidentally chose.

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The dramatic gameplay

Mafia City simulates a true criminal world when the game is full of dark colours, fiery actions, guns and ammunition. Your mission is to play the role of Tommy to establish a gang, join robbery missions, conquer and destroy other gangs. The most important thing is to compete for supreme position King of Mafia. Besides, players also have the opportunity to participate in online battles, which are held daily. The game is available worldwide. No matter what language or nationality you are, you can join the battles for a dream of becoming “Godfather”.

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The key features

Discover new lands

In Mafia City, you will travel more than 12 square miles of New Heaven city, a famous place in America with the culture and architecture of the famous Great Depression in history. Here you will face many famous gangs. You have to try your best to defeat the most powerful gang in this area to expand your territory.

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A variety of tasks

In addition to destroying other gangs, or plunge into a fierce war, Mafia City also has more than 20 horror missions, inspired by events in the US in the last 30s. Participating in these missions will bring you a new feeling.

The abundant weapons and vehicles

The game has 60 legendary cars with realistic operations and design mechanisms. Besides, Mafia City also offers you a variety of weapons arsenal such as Machine Guns, interlock guns, shotgun, baseball bat… They will make your conquests more exciting.

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Build your own base

Your base is an extremely important place, so you must upgrade it first to unlock and upgrade other buildings. Mafia City has a lot of buildings that you need to build, each of which has its own effect. For example, a training centre will help you create and unlock your army; the Bootleg market is where you can talk to your friends; hospitals help you heal your troops. Besides, there are many other buildings for you to explore such as security centre, investment centre, black market…

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In addition, there are 3 strong Gangsters waiting for you to conquest, including:

  • Brawlers: A fierce class of characters. With them, conflict is daily life.
  • Shooters: Those who are able to use all kinds of weapons from submachine guns, rifles to cannons and more.
  • Bikers: This kind of character can control numerous vehicles capable of moving as fast as light, which is definitely a nightmare for all gangsters.

Multinational and multi-regional game

The game has only one server worldwide with a very professional translation system, which is capable of translating almost all languages. Therefore, in Mafia City, the number of players is extremely large and varied across different regions. A basic principle in Mafia is that there is no tolerance. If you ignore it and not destroy the enemy today, the opponent may kill you tomorrow.

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The modifications in Mafia City 1.3.668:

New features

  • Tournament Champ Chat Bubble: Saving your 1st Rank position in the tournament (Global), even when the event ends.
  • Add some new sound effects and special effects.
  • Share with Facebook when you Rank 1 in the Tournament.
  • Daily bonus spin

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The optimized contents

  • Optimized interface and Upgrade interface.
  • Edit the original of “Tanker” and “Combater”.
  • Clan Leader Takeover is optimized: the longer you rule the clan, the less the takeover cost.
  • Optimized GM Help feature: Select and classify your questions for faster feedback.
  • Optimize logic “Prioritize Load” during the selection of criminal activities: Changing to prioritize “Heavy SUV”.
  • Red Envelope is optimized: A tick will be displayed next to the clan member’s name that gives you Red Envelope.
  • Mayor Election is optimized: The Mayor’s Buff is visible by clicking on the Mayor position in the Official Interface page
  • Prohibition of account use: “Banning” information and reasons can be seen after your account has been “banned”.

The corrected contents

  • Fixed an issue that the iTems interface was closed after the item was used.
  • Fixed an issue when clicking on the immediate investment, there was no response if there was not enough gold.
  • Corrected an unusual ranking issue when a person left a clan.
  • Edit the interface when the interface is switched.
  • Max Crime Ops Boost Items are not available immediately after use.
  • Fix rank problems with symbols and skill names in Leader Talent.

The high-end graphics

The game has great graphics with 3D Unity technology, which brings Mafia City excellent image quality. Besides, gamers can zoom in, zoom out, 360-degree rotation with beautiful face images, which give you an experience of an almost realistic world. The sound and effects are also very special and vivid.

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The information of Mafia City 1.3.668 APK MOD:

  • Game name: Mafia City
  • Version: 1.3.668
  • Publisher: YottaGames
  • MOD: Unlimited Gold / Coins
  • Size: 82 Mb
  • ROOT: Not needed.

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How to install Mafia City 1.3.668 APK MOD:

  • Download the APK file at the end of this article
  • Open Mafia City APK MOD setup, it is completely online so there is no virus.
  • Open the setup, agree to the terms and install. Let the game install automatically in your device (this process takes a short time).
  • After finishing, you can open and enjoy the game right away.


Mafia City is an attractive game both in terms of gameplay and graphics. There are many interesting things in the game such as the battle between Mafia gangs, building bases, and using tactical thinking to defeat other gangs… Currently, Modgameapk provides the players with Mafia City 1.3.668 APK MOD, which bring you many interesting modifications. It promises to bring you the best gaming experience.

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  1. I always end up with my previous non-mod account. What to do?

  2. This is not working, i uninstalled my original version of mafia city and installed this mod apk. When i open the app, it auto login to my mafia city account. How do i use this mod for unlimited coin/gold. Please expalain correct steps.

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