Mapwriter 2 Mod APK v1.12.2

Mapwriter 2 Mod is a Minecraft Mod version that provides a mini-map and GUI map useful for Minecraft players. The map interface is displayed in full screen, allowing you to set waypoints easily or expand, zoom in/out with mouse operation. Besides, Mapwriter 2 Mod also adds a short range underground mode for you to explore the air, water and lava around you. Along with Zan’s Minimap Mod or VoxelMap Mod, Mapwriter 2 Mod is a useful Minecraft map for you to explore the world.

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The key features of Mapwriter 2 Mod

  • Providing in-game mini-map for Multiplayer and Single-player modes.
  • This is a Mod version for the client. For the server, it does not need to install the mod.
  • The areas you discovered will be saved and then viewed by scrolling or zooming the map, even when you are in another land.
  • Provides GUI full-screen map, set waypoint with the right-click, expand map with a mouse click, zoom with the mouse wheel.
  • Rotation mini-map mode.
  • Automatic colouring of maps from textures.
  • Support for custom texture packages.
  • Support for adding blocks from other mods.
  • Able to record the whole map as a PNG image.
  • Discovered areas will be saved in Anvil format for multi-player servers, from which you can view the world through tools like Eihort.
  • In Nether, the mini-map will display the appropriate locations in the Overworld.
  • Create ports more easily
  • Underground map mode
  • The entire block colour is customizable.

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The control

  • “n” to switch mini-map between modes: normal, hidden, underground.
  • “m” to open or close the map GUI
  • “,” to show or hide the bookmark group
  • “.” to move to the nearest marked position in the current direction
  • Mini “Page up”
  • “Page down” enlarges

Mapwriter 2 Mod apk controls download

Overall, Mapwriter 2 Mod is a Minecraft Mod version with many interesting and useful features for gamers. With Mapwriter 2 Mod, players can create their world easily. Readers can download Mapwriter 2 Mod at the link below.

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