Full NameMario Kart Tour
PublisherNintendo Co., Ltd.
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version2.10.1
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Mario Kart Tour is one of the most famous racing games from Nintendo released on the handheld game console Nintendo Switch. Recently, this producer has released Mario Kart Tour for Android. Published in early 2018, it emphasizes the great return of the Mario Kart Tour series when the Android beta was officially tested in North America and Japan. After some unsuccessful new mobile game projects, Nintendo might take a proper step when they decided to revive the old successful games. The experienced gamers who have played video console games for a long time may already know Super Mario Kart. This game was released 27 years ago. It was a console game that was in the top 4 best-selling games of all time. At present, new games are constantly replacing the positions of old games. Also, a top game can become obsolete after only a few months. So, a game made from a classic game can give us a special feeling. Let’s find out more about Mario Kart Tour APK below!

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Mario Kart Tour APK

The familiar gameplay

Super Mario Kart has familiar gameplay like other racing games. Your goal is to defeat all competitors on the track and try to become the first finisher. On the way, you can use speed, pick up the power-up items to overcome your opponents. However, your skill is the key factor to winning glory.

Mario Kart Tour apk game

The control

Mario Kart Tour has a main screen in the vertical direction. It has similar control mechanisms to other racing games on mobile. You swipe your finger on the screen to control the kart instead of tilting the device like in Asphalt. Besides, a small change from the console version, your kart will automatically speed up when the opponent approaches or after a fall due to a collision with the wall.

Character options

If you are a fan of Super Mario Kart characters, the character system will make you feel extremely excited. You will start the game with either Toad or Toadette. They are sorted by rarity including Popular, Rare, and Very Rare. You can unlock character chests by using Emerald. Selecting characters does not affect the race’s outcome. It means you all have the same power. The only thing that helps you win this game is your situation-solving ability. Even if you own a character of a Very Rare class, you are still easily defeated by a player using a given character. Nintendo will soon update your favorite characters in upcoming updates.

  • Some Popular characters: Koopa Troopa, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Larry Troopa…
  • Some Rare characters: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Daisy…
  • Currently, there are four Very Rare characters including Metal Mario, Rosalina, Dry Bowser, and King Boo.

Mario Kart Tour android

Upgrade kart

In the game, all karts can be upgraded with each type of engine such as engine, jet, shock, absorber, and tire. You can open accessories from the pipes and choose the right ones that you want to upgrade.

The challenges

Currently, the game has five types of challenges taken from Mario Kart DS including:

  • Rocket Start!
  • Race through the rings
  • Do Jump Boosts
  • Don’t crash
  • Glider Challenge

The graphics

In Mario Kart Tour, the beautiful graphics design is the strong point of the game. It is optimized for mobile devices. Besides, the game has had some changes compared to the console version. Also, it gives you old memories, emotions from the racing game series 27 years ago.

Mario Kart Tour icon


Mario Kart Tour is the best game title from Nintendo. With the introduction of a 27-year-old mobile game with a lot of players’ memories and emotions, Mario Kart Tour is an Android game worth experiencing at the moment. Besides, modgameapk.net gives you Mario Kart Tour APK for free. You can download and experience this great game now. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

Addressed known issues.

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