Mega Man X DiVE APK (MOD Unlocked) v2.6.0

MEGAMAN X Dive APK (ROCKMAN X DiVE) is one of the most iconic gaming franchises in the world. Besides, this brand has been going with the childhood of many gamers around the world when Mega Man X4 is the default game for entertainment after stressful online battle hours. After a long testing period since the beginning of last August, the official version of the mobile game MEGAMAN X Dive APK was released worldwide in 3D and extremely dramatic battling pace. Moreover, MEGAMAN X Dive APK is also released for free with various languages, which makes it easier for people to experience. Right now, let’s explore to find out the mobile version’s highlights!


The game content

For gamers of the 80s or 90s generation, the Mega Man X or X Man games series is one of the best gaming memory for players with 2D side-scrolling and fast-paced gameplay. Therefore, Mega Man X DiVE APK will inherit this on the mobile version, but the developer applied 3D graphics platform into them. It is similar to the two versions of Rockman X7 and X8 of the old game series. Besides, the game level contained many shortcuts, hidden corners and characters with different stats, attributes, and weapons. Also, the game supports the co-op mode so you and your teammates can join in the fight for more fun.

MEGAMAN X Dive APK mod content download

The gameplay

Mega Man X DiVE APK takes players to a digital age with many heroes from the future. Here, the past timeline of Mega Man has been turned upside down, the characters are not the exceptions. Specifically, the player’s task is to prevent the damage to the timeline, fix problems and return it to the original order. Besides, Mega Man X DiVE APK has an Auto-lock system so that the player can aim at the target easily. Also, gamers can experience the virtual key system of action games on mobile. However, there is a drawback of this game is that players cannot control the character to perform difficult skills such as acrobatics, parkour as the original version on the PC.

With the familiar control system, you can still master the game quickly even if it has just been released. In addition to focusing on destroying the bad robots, gamers have to flexibly dodge obstacles such as bombs, lava pits, mountains… At the end of the game, you have to face the boss. Mega Man X DiVE APK will give suggestions on tactics as well as how the Boss moves so that you can have a good overview and tactics to defeat them.

MEGAMAN X Dive APK mod gameplay download

Diverse upgrade system

In the game, players will gradually unlock many things to upgrade the character and weapons. They only get a maximum upgrade when you use them many times. However, you have to spend a lot of time to collect enough materials and research more weapons as well as new equipment. But weapons of the future will certainly bring you many interesting things, such as laser guns, grenade launchers… Besides, you will see many types of armor and advanced equipment.

The graphics

Mega Man X DiVE APK is featuring beautiful 3D graphics, bright colors and nice character designs. Besides, the music system is also taken from the original series then edited with more vibrant and stronger effects. The 3D robot models are not as meticulously designed as the character system but they still convey the full nature of a battle.

MEGAMAN X Dive APK mod character download


In addition to the above features, players can play two main modes, including PvP and storyline. In story mode, you can simply spend a lot of time destroying robots, fighting bosses and searching for more equipment and weapons. With PvP, players will be paired against other players to show great strength and fighting skills.

Readers can download the game on CH Play. Besides, we also provide players with Mega Man X DiVE APK (MOD Unlocked), which brings you more advanced features than the original version.

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