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Memu (or MEmu App Player) is a free Android emulation software on PC that is highly rated today. It is in the list of the best Android emulator software along with BlueStack, Nox Player, etc. MEmu will also support PC users to experience the rich world on the Android operating system. You can download any application, entertainment game or even a heavy game to play right on your computer. Besides, MEmu brings many unique features such as installing and running APK files from computers, GPS… Let’s learn about the key features and operation of MEmu emulator in the article below!


What is MEmu?

MEmu is a powerful Android emulator on PC. It provides the best experience for users when using Android games or applications directly on their computers with a larger screen. Not only leading the performance and compatibility with many devices, but MEmu also owns the unique Android multi-core support technology. So far, the software has had more than 20 million downloads from over 200 countries in 20 different languages. This number is still increasing rapidly, showing that the attraction of MEmu has been very good.

MEmu for windows

How does MEmu work?

MEmu comes with a lot of display settings that help users create a real Android environment where you can test apps or play games. Besides, it brings users some pre-installed Android apps, but you can download and install them separately. Before downloading and installing any data, you need to sign in to your Google account. Then, you launch Google Play, find the game or app you want to download and install.

The latest version of MEmu has been fixed and added many new features. For example, you can now choose your preferred FrameRate and resize your main image. Also, it supports selecting to block Windows from sleeping or not in Multi MEmu, add support for sending messages with the Enter key on the keyboard in many applications…

After downloading and installing MEmu for their PC, a window opens, showing the Android screen with basic applications such as ES File Explorer and Google Play. You can find a toolbar to simulate shake, rotate the device, adjust the volume, take screenshots, run the APK file, and simulate tilt and multi-touch operations using the keyboard and Joystick controller.

MEmu for windows how do

The key features of MEmu

MEmu is not only compatible with popular Windows operating systems but also supports a variety of hardware configurations and graphics card requirements. It allows users to play many popular games easily. In the process of opening the software, the utility offers a lot of instructions to help you familiarize yourself with the features.

Installing MEmu on your computer will help you enjoy the popular mobile games on Android or iOS devices, such as Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royale, Free Fire battleground, Last Battleground: Survival, etc. Besides, you can use multiple accounts on the same game as well as play multiple games with the same single account. With these features, gamers can easily experience all the features and fighting abilities of many different characters. Thereby, you can find the best playing strategy for their own.

MEmu is capable of handling smooth control operations. This simulator not only supports the mouse and computer keyboard but also connects to the gamepad, game controller, ensuring shooting, jumping, overcome obstacles. It will make your gaming experience smoother and simpler.

In addition, MEmu 5.0.1 adds many new features such as adding support for mobile games that require ES3.0 (Direct X), synchronous operation support for multiple VMs. Also, it supports sending the warning signals for non-VT devices, and improve the performance and stability of the MEmu core. Moreover, the app improves compatibility with some famous games on the market today, etc.

MEmu for windows download

MEmu and other Android emulators

After playing games on Android emulators, we finally decided to choose Bluestacks because of stable gaming experience, no lag. Also, Bluestacks is the option that gamers rated the best.

Besides, Koplayer is a great Android emulator that helps you play games or run multiple Android applications on your computer easily. Its advantage is connecting to the game store – Android application, supporting gaming on multiple screens with high resolution.

Also, MEmu lets you play your favorite Android games directly from your Windows computer. With the help of MEmu, you can also work with many different types of Android applications, such as a file manager or media player. It is like you are using your smartphone or tablet.

New features of recent versions:

MEmu v7.0.5 (latest):

  • Users can hide Multi-MEmu on the Windows tray
  • Fixed some conditions that would cause MEmu to be stuck at 99%.
  • Fix occasional sound loss after booting.
  • Remove the lag icon in the Windows tray.
  • Fix error message popup error when closing MEmu
  • Fix memory leak errors in certain cases.
  • Complete fixing the bug Multi-Memu crash when starting multiple tasks.
  • Fixed several MEmu commands failing after the MEmu version 7.0.1.
  • Fix the bugs – the new installation speed is slow.
  • Complete fixing a bug – keyboard mappings & FPS sometimes did not appear after entering full-screen mode.

MEmu for windows v7.0.5 download

MEmu 7.0.3:

  • Fully integrated with Discord.
  • Significantly optimizes game compatibility on PC with AMD graphics card. For example, Call of Duty Mobile, Lifeafter, Identity V, Onmyoji Arena, Cyber ​​Hunter, Creative Destruction…
  • Optimize menus & dialogs to select keyboard mapping for different heroes in Moba game genres like Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Optimized user experience for the cleaning process in Multi-MEmu.
  • Upgrade Android System WebView version for better compatibility with browser applications.
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Complete removing a bug – increasing RAM usage after opening and closing applications repeatedly.
  • Fixed MEmu crash error when clicking the “Recent APP” button in some games in DirectX mode.
  • Fixed a black screen error after creating a large number of emulators (more than 1,800).
  • Removed unclickable error to install downloaded apk files on the system browser.
  • Fixed a bug – interrupting some shooters like PUBG Mobile.
  • Fixed a bug – occasionally, MEmu was crashed when creating diagnostic reports.
  • Removed the bug – keyboard mapping macro: “mapkey”.
  • Fixed a bug where MEmu took too long to export a version.
  • Fixed a bug with the function of old versions (before 6.0.1) compared to the new version. The new version can be updated directly by installing the update.
  • Removed a bug – multiple starting was interrupted occasionally.

MEmu for windows v7.0.3 download

Game & Application:

  • Call of Duty Mobile: Optimizing the Smart mode of the keyboard map. Grenades and smart healing are available. Players can use different widgets by pressing a single key. Also, it fixed graphics error in DirectX mode and game crash at start.
  • Free Fire: Fixed a bug with graphics in DirectX mode and a black screen on some event pages.
  • Clash of Kings: Optimize rendering performance and reduce resource usage when playing multiple versions.
  • PES 2020: Fix black screen error in OpenGL mode.
  • Knives out: Fix some graphics errors in DirectX mode.
  • Matchington Mansion: Fix some graphical errors in DirectX mode.
  • Fix screen errors when starting the game and lag during play.

MEmu v7.0.2:

  • Add MEmu zoom area (outer area) to make it easier to adjust.
  • Optimized graphics rendering and I/O performance of MEmu.
  • Fixed the bug when Memu was stuck at 59% during the start.
  • Remove the bug high CPU usage error on some NVIDIA GPU users after closing MEmu.
  • Fixed lag when using some skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

MEmu for windows v7.0.2 download

MEmu v6.2.7:

  • Significant improvement in graphics performance.
  • You can now start recording activity, synchronizing and recording the screen with the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + F1, Ctrl + F9, Ctrl + F5) on the home screen (Home).
  • The notification time of MEmu (Android) will appear in the Windows interface (at the notification center).
  • More performance options for low profile computers (with one or two core CPUs).
  • When MEmu runs in virtual machines (without a graphics card). DirectX will be the default option.
  • Fixed a bug – sometimes icons and text could not be displayed normally.
  • Fix Synchronizer error sometimes not working.
  • Fixed MEmu error with 63% installation error when initializing on some laptops.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes MEmu could not reboot.
  • Fix too high CPU usage error.
  • Fix network connection error when setting DNS in NAT mode.
  • Fixed invalid shooting mode error when entering full-screen mode.
  • Correct access error, display the V character.
  • Fix some other minor errors.

MEmu for windows v6.2.7 download


Overall, MEmu has rated as one of the best Android emulation software. It can support multiple operating systems as well as compatible with non-Root devices and run on PC, Notebooks, tablets. Besides, this software also provides users the ability to flexibly customize parameters on the computer for the best Android games and apps. Moreover, MEmu allows users to play games or run Android applications on your computer’s large screen with many flexible customizations. It will automatically change the parameters of the game and the application to suit the computer. Also, the constant updating of new versions makes MEmu highly appreciated. Readers can download the latest MEmu version at the link below. If you have any questions about the app, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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