Microsoft Solitaire APK v4.7.7160.1

Microsoft Solitaire APK is a legendary Windows card game with 25 years old. Recently, Microsoft Corporation has officially released Microsoft Solitaire on two mobile platforms, including Android and IOS. It allows players to freely enjoy the game and get the best experience.

Microsoft Solitaire APK is also known as the Solitaire game, which is the most-played multiplayer card game of Microsoft on the computer. The game integrates up to 5 versions of Solitaire in one, allowing gamers to choose any playing styles. Currently, it has up to 119 million players worldwide. They are mainly on Windows 8 and Windows 10. With the move to expand to mobile platforms, the developer hopes to attract more and more gamers.

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The gameplay

Microsoft Solitaire has a simple gameplay that recreates all the legendary card games, which has been associated with the childhood of many players. Despite its simple gameplay, Microsoft Solitaire also requires calculation and clever arrangement of cards to win the game.


Besides, Microsoft Solitaire includes a lot of game modes that bring excitement for players. Specifically, the game modes include Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and Tripeaks. Each mode has different ways of playing. However, you do not need to worry too much about how to play because there will be specific instructions in each mode, specifically:

Klondike: This game mode is quite familiar to everyone. The player’s task is to put all the cards in descending order. When you complete all 7 columns of cards in the correct order, you will win. Besides, the cards must be lined with red and black cards together, which creates an additional challenge for the player.

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Spider: This mode also has the same gameplay as Klondike. However, instead of having to arrange all 7 columns, the player completes all 10 columns to win. However, there is only one black card mode, so players will not have to arrange it between two cards of different colors.

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FreeCell: Similar to the above two game modes, but the player’s task is to complete 8 columns of cards in the correct order.

Microsoft Solitaire mod apk free cell

Pyramid: As its name suggests, the cards will be arranged in a pyramid shape. In the game, the player’s task is to choose two cards so that their total is 13. The cards J, Q, K are referred to numbers from 11, 12, and 13. When you match all the cards on the pyramid, you will win.

Microsoft Solitaire mod apk pyramid

Tripeaks: With rather special gameplay, instead of arranging cards by column, you will select cards in ascending or descending order according to the card. When you have sorted all the cards on the board, you will pass the level.

Microsoft Solitaire mod apk tripeaks

Other functions

During the game, if you get stuck, you can use the help right on the light bulb icon, or go back to the previous step with an arrow mark icon. This helps players overcome challenges easier. Besides, the game also offers many different types of cards with beautiful flowers and colors. Players can freely choose the type of card you like. Also, you can download more unique cards.

When playing the game, you will receive attractive rewards thanks to the daily attendance feature, a diverse event system and attractive Star Club collections waiting for you to conquer.

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The graphics and sound

Microsoft Solitaire has quite simple graphics. However, it still provides you with many different game modes, colorful details and diverse cards with

beautiful textures. They are big plus points for the game. Besides, the interface is reasonably designed to create a beautiful interface that is easy for players to manipulate. Also, the background music is removed to increase the player’s focus. Instead, the sound of dealing or arranging cards vividly brings appeal to everyone.


Microsoft Solitaire is a great entertaining card game. Despite its simple gameplay, the game still requires players’ concentration, as well as the computation and agility. Moreover, the game provides different game modes, bringing many interesting ways to play. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!


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