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Mini Metro is now stopping at Barcelona! Carefully manage your train lines to keep this Mediterranean metropolis moving.

Mini Metro MOD Unlocked) is a new simulation game with unique gameplay from the developer Dinosaur Polo Club. In the game, gamers have to draw the routes and manage the subway traffic in many busy cities. At the moment, there are many interesting simulation games, such as Train Taxi, City Train Simulator: Train Driving Game. In these games, your job is just to drive a train. However, in Mini Metro APK MOD, your task will become more complicated and difficult when you have to design a metro transport network for a growing city. With the simple gameplay, the game will bring you the most interesting gaming experience. Please join us to check it out right now!

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The gameplay

Mini Metro owns an attractive and challenging screen. In which, gamers have to build a metro network, design subway routes in the city. Each line has an infinite length. You have to make a seamless line, each of which has only one locomotive. Your ultimate goal is to create a perfect interconnected metro network and make it easy to get around. Later, Mini Metro APK MOD requires you to have the calm combined with good management skills because the train’s network is more and more complicated. If you are not careful, your system will be congested. This is an important factor in the experience as the stations will quickly fill up passengers as the travel demand of the people is increasing. Initially, just a few passengers are at a station. But later on, this number increased. It can make the chaos of public transports. This is probably the main factor that makes the experience in Mini Metro APK MOD both easy to play, but also very addictive. Everything will need good management of the player. In the beginning, you only need to draw the subway lines passing through the newly built stations. After that, you will have more restrictions on the front of the car, wagon side truck or tunnel. These factors force players to calculate very carefully so that no station is overloaded with waiting passengers. But it’s easier said than done because this often makes you have to adjust the subway system constantly.

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The continuity of the game

What everyone will surely like in the Mini Metro APK MOD is that this game doesn’t have “game over” forever unless you want to. Because after losing in Normal mode, you can join Endless mode if you want with the same rules but never end unless you don’t want to play again. It is synonymous with the “game over” rule when the number of passengers waiting and stuck in a station for too long is eliminated, providing a constant experience for the player. This is a pretty good game design that I rarely see in other games whether the different or the same genre.

On the other hand, from the player’s perspective, this design element makes sense of continuous experience. It does not make the player lose interest while having fun suddenly interrupted by “game over”. This is especially meaningful when you often encounter the above situation in construction and management simulation games. Even if you are not a casual player, Mini Metro APK MOD meets the higher difficulty level with Extreme mode.

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Improved game mode

Basically, Extreme retains the old gameplay mechanics. But it has a new rule that does not allow players to change the “planned” route. In other words, the construction of the route is fixed. Gamers cannot delete it to rebuild to meet the increasing travel needs of people in different areas. This game mode is a huge challenge, forcing players to always calculate the planning problem very carefully, even to predict the number of customers developing in the near future. Unfortunately, I’m not a traffic planner so I can’t last long with this game. That is the reason why I was sitting in my office and wrote this post.

The interface

Mini Metro is not only impressed with the simple but also has addictive gameplay. Besides, its design is very nice. The developer brings you many different situations and diverse images of the busy cities. It is worth noting that Night Mode is like the Dark Mode interface that is becoming the trend of many smartphone applications today. It offers a better experience when you play in dark spaces or just want to make your eyes more relaxing. The game even has supported for color-blind players, a feature that not many other games on the market are interested in.

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Upgrade control system

With the control system, the developer has given this game a lot of controls for different platforms and game modes. In Handheld mode, Mini Metro allows players to experience the way they like with the touch control or Joy-Con controller or 1/2 as long as it’s most convenient for you. The devotion of the developer made me truly impressed, not only for its simple and engaging gameplay but also for the dedication in building all the tools for players. You can see them supporting the Night Mode or Colorblind Mode to a variety of control methods. Meanwhile, when you play the game with dock, you can also use Joy-Con as a pointer to control directly on the screen or control using the familiar analog sticks and buttons.

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Mini Metro is a simple construction simulation experience but offers a great sense of relaxation. If you want to find an interesting game that can be played for long, this is a game that you should not miss. Currently, Mini Metro is available on many platforms, such as PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. In this article, we provide you with the link to download Mini Metro APK (MOD Unlocked) with more advanced features for free.

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