Mobile Legends: Adventure APK v1.1.261

Full NameMobile Legends: Adventure
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.1.261
RequireAndroid 4.3+
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Mobile Legends: Adventure is a sequel to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It was designed by NSX Moonton to develop the brand of Mobile Legends. If you have ever played MOBA games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you will feel many familiar points in Mobile Legends through the massive general system. However, this is also natural when these two games are produced by a developer to promote their brand series. Accordingly, Mobile Legends APK was developed as a tactical role-playing game combining idle elements and heroes gathering.

Mobile Legends: Adventure mod apk


The gameplay

In the game, you can challenge yourself through endless levels in various modes such as campaigns, labyrinths, tower crossings, etc. Or confront epic bosses to earn you rare and precious equipment. Thereby, it helps you improve your fighting power. You have to collect heroes, develop their skills and equipment. When you have enough power and skill, you can immediately participate in any great battle and compete with any powerful opponent for glory.

Mobile Legends: Adventure mod apk gameplay

The characters and skills

Like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you have the task of searching, collecting heroes, forming a powerful army and participating in the battle. In addition to the diverse heroes collection, the game provides ting skills for the players to choose from. Accordingly, the skills will come with different functions for the hero on the battlefield such as support, assassin, archer, or tanker.

Mobile Legends: Adventure mod apk character

The strategy

In Mobile Legends APK, the heroes are divided into 6 different power systems, which means they will have different roles in the match. For example, the Tanker has the role of standing in front of the squad and getting most of the enemy’s damage on him to shield the teammates; the Mage is a magician who has great magic power; Marksman is a gunner with great physical damage… The skills of heroes are also remade to match a role-playing game.

Besides, a good strategy will help you win the game. You can change any position of team members with other heroes. In my opinion, you should use a hero with the Support role. He can heal and strengthen the whole team.

Upgrade characters

Like other MOBA games, the characters are also provided with pearl tables and certain auxiliary spells in Mobile Legends. Your task is to learn and match the jewel board to match your character. Besides, the equipment system and Runes are quite similar to the previous version. Their mission is to improve stats and power for the general. Also, the game adds some new armors and weapons that give you more options to make the game more interesting.

Mobile Legends: Adventure mod apk upgrade

Attractive game modes

In Mobile Legends, there are two modes to choose from including PvP Arena and Endless Tower Climbing. Gamers can break their limits every day with Endless Tower Climbing. The longer you play the game, the stronger the enemies will be. Therefore, you have to upgrade your squad and change the tactics accordingly.

In PvP Arena mode: you can challenge other online players. Like a MOBA match, you can use any 5 heroes to fight with other players. The strategy is on top prior. Sometimes, the 5 most powerful heroes cannot win against 5 heroes who have a clear role and suitable squad.

In addition, Mobile Legends also has another extremely interesting mode which is Carefree Idle. In this mode, your heroes automatically fight monsters even when you are offline. Before closing the game, you can open this mode for it to automatically play. After that, gold and lots of rewards will be automatically transferred to your inventory the next time you log in.

Mobile Legends: Adventure mod apk game mode

The graphics

Although the game is designed only in 2D format, the graphics are very impressive. In which, the characters are designed in chibi style instead of the original version, so they look very cute and funny. Besides, the bright colours, beautiful effects, and sharp images are also the plus pint of the game’s graphics. Moreover, the sound is very lively with the authentic music part and the detailed voice.


Mobile Legends: Adventure can be considered the official sequel of the famous MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this new section, the heroes have been meticulously remade, promising to bring gamers a new gaming experience. If you want to try new feelings after being familiar with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Mobile Legends APK should be a perfect choice for you.

New updates:

1. Added new Elite Champion, “Rista” (Chaos/Support).
2. Added the brand new Epic Skin “Dai Yen Tan Nuong” (Rista) to the Skin Shop!
3. The new chapter “Abyss Cave” in “Zorang Ge Vuong Bird” is coming to the Kingdom of Legends!

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