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Miracle 2 Mobile (or MU 2 Mobile) is a great game from a giant Chinese company, Tencent. It was introduced in mid-2020 in the framework of Tencent’s annual game conference event – Spark More. Recently, on Chinese game forums, players have been extremely excited when Tencent opened the door to test this game. Through the gameplay, we can see that Miracel 2 Mobile owns a fascinating immersive world with beautiful graphics. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game in the article below!

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Introducing Miracle 2 Mobile

Miracle 2 Mobile, also known with popular names as MU 2 Mobile, is the next game in the famous MU Online series. It is famous in the world, especially in Asian countries. From the first versions, MU Online has become superior to all the games of the same category. From gameplay to graphics, Tencent always makes them the best. From here, many MU-branded games were born, but their quality cannot compare to the original version.

Inheriting those things, Miracel 2 Mobile brings the expectation of re-enacting the era of MU Online on the Mobile platform. Besides, this part 2 will change the view of MU Online, which is being out of date.

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Ultimate graphics

With the gaming creator, Tencent, it is not surprising that Miracel 2 Mobile possesses the most beautiful graphics in the market. Specifically, MU 2 is designed on the Unreal Engine 4 graphics platform and a lot of advanced technologies. Besides, the color system, characters, effects are nice, bringing realistic action scenes. Although the game is only a trial version, MU 2 Mobile is likely to reach the top of the most played mobile games in the world.

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The mysterious world in Miracle 2 Mobile

In Miracle 2 Mobile, the game world will be derived from the original MU world, where there are many wizards with ultimate power. You will choose to transform into a Warrior, a Witch, or a Fairy to fight the dark lord, freeing the entire continent. To complete that mission, players have to go through a thorny journey with countless bloody battles. After each battle, you will accumulate more experience, upgrade your character’s skills and fight with Kundun – the last boss of the dark forces.

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Currently, Tencent has not decided the official date of launching the game. However, Miracle 2 Mobile has opened the trial version to China. It will make many fans around the world difficult to get it. At this point, you can Fake IP China to play first, or register early on Tap Tap and wait for the official version.

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