Music Maker Jam APK v5.12.0

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Music Maker Jam is free music creating application provided by Magix, which is easier for users to play music and mix their songs. In addition, Music Maker JAM APK provides users with an intuitive interface to mix music and edit directly on 8 songs mix songs. Users can shake the device to mix some current songs or inspire a new music project, adjust music tempo and add sound effects.

Music Maker Jam apk


The highlights of Music Maker Jam

Application as a virtual studio

Music Maker Jam is like a virtual studio, where you can mix tracks to make your own personal mix-ups. After opening the app, choose the style of music you like and start combining them to create an entirely new piece of music.

Music Maker Jam apk game

Many loops with diverse categories

In addition to the loops produced by Music Maker Jam music experts, users can use their music by uploading files. In which, you can arrange the tracks any way you want with a total of up to 8. If you use Music Maker Jam on your tablet, just shake the tablet and change the order of the selected song. It will definitely be a very interesting musical experience.

Change pitch, speed of the music tracks.

After you have found your favourite songs, you can change the speed, pitch, and mix your tracks with the awesome Music Maker Jam effects. Music Maker Jam is a music factory with very intuitive control. The sounds are also synchronized to give you the best sound experience on every beat in your song.

Music Maker Jam app

Mix in many new styles

The application has many music styles in which the Dubstep series is provided for free. Besides, there are many other styles like Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, Movie Score. If these options are not enough, you can choose more categories like Techno, House, Metal, etc. However, you will have to pay a little to buy them. Your music products are always refreshing with Music Maker Jam. Only Dubstep – a branch of EDM line – with the catchy and very addictive electronic sounds is more than enough for those who love the beat and mix music.

The key features of Music Maker Jam

  • 4 free music styles, including over 1000 musical instruments and music loops: Hip Hop, Dance, Rock & Jazz.
  • Adjust the tempo (BPM) and tone through the sequencer.
  • Add effects to songs in real time.
  • Mix songs using the 8 tracks mix tool.
  • Delete song structure thanks to individual song sections.
  • Store tracks in MP3 format and share with friends.
  • Combine different music genres with a loop selection tool.
  • Many genres of music are professionally produced for downloading in the application.

Music Maker Jam app android

The information of Music Maker Jam APK 5.12.0:

  • Name: Music Maker Jam
  • Version: 5.12.0
  • Manufacturer: Magix
  • Size: 87 Mb
  • MOD: Not applied
  • Support: Android 4.0+
  • Root: Not needed.

Music Maker Jam apk mod


In general, even if it’s limited to free in the Dubstep line. With many advanced features of Music Maker Jam offers, music lovers can feel satisfied when listening to the latest beating and charismatic beats of the loop in the application. Don’t forget to follow the page to update the new and most useful applications!

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