My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero APK ( ver Global) v40009.2.2

Full NameMy Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero
PublisherSony Pictures Television
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version40009.2.2
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an engaging action role-playing game. It is inspired by the popular Japanese animated film of the same name, which has been associated with the childhood of many gamers as well as anime fans in the world.

My Hero Academia was released by Sony Pictures Television. Previously, the game was launched in some major markets such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong … and received many positive responses from the gaming community.

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The story

Based on the movie of the same name, My Hero Academia takes place at UA High School and the city Musutafu. This is a city full of dangerous monsters, in which players will play the superheroes fighting against hordes of monsters for protecting the world. A little change from the animated version when My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has more action scenes. At this point, you will not have to spend much time learning moves and skills. Instead, you will be fighting monsters, killing, and adventuring more.

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The gameplay


In terms of the gameplay, My Hero Academia has full features of an authentic action role-playing game with massive characters, items and skills systems. Players will start with a transceiver. Here you will scan criminals. The game’s AI system will scan all the people in the city and see which ones are in danger and lead you to them. In my opinion, the crime scanning system works too slow. It will take you at least 2 3 minutes before you can receive the task. It may be because the number of players is too large at the same time or the game does not have many servers for players to experience.

Once the danger has been found, the game will allow you a maximum of 3 character slots. Later on, players can comfortably collect heroes to complete their squad. Besides, you can also change characters, customize and combine them to create many combos. In My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, each character has a different combo set.

Also, the game completes the role-playing factor well when it allows players to freely upgrade their characters by leveling up, learning skills, progressing, enhancing equipment to increase combat power. Moreover, it has many other interesting game modes such as arena, boss hunting, raid… They will bring interesting experiences for gamers.

My Hero Academia gameplay

Combat mechanics

Talking more about the combat, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero gives players hot background in front of crowded monsters and criminals. You will get really excited or even jump out of your chair when your hero dashes through a horde of monsters and knocks them down with earth-shaking moves.

Besides, the game provides you with a diverse skills collection, so players will have a lot of moves to create combos. Each move is shown extremely flexible and clear on the screen. Moreover, the game also has very soft transitions between scenes, giving players the feeling of watching a real Anime movie.

The control system of the game is quite traditional. We will have a Joystick lever on the left to help control the character up, down, left, right. On the right, it is the skill system, including normal attack + 2 moves.

My Hero Academia graphics

The graphics

My Hero Academia has the most beautiful and advanced graphics on mobile today. With the support of Unreal Engine 4 technology, the game brings a sharp visual system, bright backgrounds and complete skill effects. Throughout the game, players can always see iconic moments and events from the original series. Along with that is the voiceover from the original cast.


In general, My Hero Academia, whether it’s a game or a movie, brings a huge attraction to anime fans. Currently, with 10 more servers opened, the game maker hopes that gamers around the world can comfortably experience without waiting, lag or cramped in a server. Now, you can play My Hero Academia comfortably without a QQ or Wechat account. The game allows players to log in to multiple accounts and connect with friends through social networking applications.

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