Full NameOnmyoji Arena
PublisherNetEase Games
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version3.102.0
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Onmyoji Arena is a great MOBA game in the Onmyoji games series from NetEase – A leading gaming company from China. The game belongs to a turn-based role-playing game, in which the player plays the role of the character Abe no Seimei – a legendary Japanese Onmyoji. You will start finding his memory. Onmyoji is released exclusively on Steam, attracting gamers through online PvP and team battles.

Onmyoji Arena apk mod

The game content

Omnyoji Arena content is set in the backdrop of a dangerous world when humanity was in danger by demons and monsters lurking in the darkness and waiting for attacking the human. In that circumstance, the Onmyoji force – a group of people who are familiar with the human world and the devil have stood up to confront the dark forces and save the world.

Coming to Onmyoji Arena, players will participate in a 5v5 battle with the Shikigami of the Onmyoji world. In which, gamers will enjoy the battle with the main elements such as 3-lane map, creep, level up system, skill development and rich equipment. When you join the Onmyoji Arena, you can control a series of original iconic characters such as Tengu, Ubume and Ibarakidouji. Of course, each character will have 4 default skills and 2 other popular skills like in League of Legends

Onmyoji Arena apk mod gameplay

The manual for beginners

Magic system

Onmyoji Arena also possesses a magic system to support every fighting style. For example, Flash allows you to teleport to any allied unit on the map or control monsters. It depends on the different skills then gamers can change their tactics to best suit the match.

The skills system

If you have played previous versions of Onmyoji, you will know the Amuler system. It is now replaced by the free Onmyodo system. At the moment, all players can combine Onmyoji skills in their way. Based on their strategy, the player can combine Onmyoji abilities, adding another change to the game. Moreover, no payment system affects the battle index. Only fairness is in battle. Gamers have to show their strategic ability on the battlefield now.

Onmyoji Arena apk mod skill

Balance the power in the game

Onmyoji Arena distributes power in the game clearly so that each Spirit is strong but has a unique characteristic. The Spirits has 4 abilities and 2 common spells, allowing gamers to combine them to create more abilities and tactics. Also, more unique skills will bring more possibilities.

In this new version, the game adds some new Shikigami including Yamausagi, Futakuchi, Tanuki, Yamawaro, Enenra, Ryomen, Kubinashi, Yoto Hime and Maestro.

Attractive 3v3 mode

Battle Royale is the first unique 3vs3vs3 battle mode in Onmyoji Arena. It combines new features such as multi-team combat, resource competition and fast combat. In this mode, players are divided into 3 teams and enjoy the new team experience. In Battle Royale mode, players will be in 3 locations on the map, and the battlefield is in the centre. The group that gets 30 Shikigami first will have supremacy.

The gold in the game

In the game, gold allows you to buy your Shikigami items for more power. There are items that you can change to choose your favourite item or you can choose the default to play. However, the default will be suitable for beginners. There are different types of items as follows:

  • Weapons: increases damage, dangerous rate or emergency to drain blood from the enemies’ Shikigamis.
  • Magic: increases the ability of damage, regen magic or invasion magic.
  • Armour: increases armour index, anti-magic or HP regen.
  • Assassin: increases EXP from killing jungle monsters or dealing damage to monsters.
  • Instant move: increases your Shikigami’s movement speed.
  • Support: often gives blood or damage support to your group.

Onmyoji Arena apk mod weapon

Daily events

  • Daily events are special tasks that you can complete for receiving more rewards. Only by participating in the daily event, you will receive rewards even if you do not actively do anything in the same task.
  • Some events only work on weekends. You should also make for the same reason, in which there are many amazing rewards.
  • Also, you should do Duels, which are events that you fight with other players. Even if you are a new player or you lose this game, you can still get items.

The graphics and sound

Because Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA game, it is designed so that anyone can participate in the game without being affected by different battle modes or playing time. The game has stunning 3D graphics with high detail. Although Onmyoji Arena is not the best quality game in the current mobile game market, the game can still provide you with the best graphics element. In particular, the character voicing will be preserved by the famous “seiyuu”, creating a great attraction for those who love anime culture.

Besides, not only Japanese style but Onmyoji Arena also has Japanese sound. Starting from Voice Actors, System Sounds and Shikigami Sounds, the Shikigami that you use will speak in Japanese as well as when you destroy the enemy. Also, the game has stunning images with smooth movements, which bring the best MOBA experience to the players.

Onmyoji Arena apk mod graphics

Customize the Shikigami and equipment


Influenced by the adjustment of support items, the cost of Yamausagi’s MP is a bit higher than other character. Besides, the cooldown time is too long making this Shikigami’s ability weaker in the lower lane. Therefore, the developer lowered the MP requirement and cooldown of the Ultimate ability to reduce the effect of item adjustment.

  • Skill no.3: Bless – Adjust MP requirements from 70/80/90/100/110 to 60/65/70/75/80.
  • Ultimate skill: Ring Toss – Adjust the cooldown from 70/65/60 seconds to 60 seconds.


Although Lord Arakawa’s flexibility is quite high, it is too difficult for Arakawa to deal damage on a target with water balloons many times. Therefore, the developer increased the width of the water balloon container and added the effect of resetting the basic attack to passive power.

  • Passive nature: Empowering Flow.

The new addition: When Empowering Flow activates Enhanced Basic Attack, the basic attack will be recovered immediately.

  • Skill 1: Passing Tide – Adjust the width of the water bubble hitbox from 110 to 115 meters.
  • Skill 3: Flow Force – Adjust the additional power rate from 20% to 22.5%.


After fixing the error of Nether Crossbox, Hakuro’s ability is reduced abit so the current adjustment is as follows:

  • Ammor’s basic index increased from 42 to 48.
  • Adjust the damage level of Mind’s Eye at the target’s maximum HP from 3 / 3.75 / 4.5 / 5.25 / 6% to 4 / 4.75 / 5.5 / 6.25 / 7%.

Shiro Mujou

  • Skill 2: reduce energy consumption and increase base damage.

Kyonshi Imoto

  • Skill 2: Increase the running speed of tomatoes.
  • Skill 3: Reducing the jump distance, but cannot be interrupted by controlling skills from enemies.


  • Passive Nature: The percentage of blood recovery will decrease.

New item: Nether Crossbow

Nether Arrow effect: The usual attack deals additional magic damage. For every 2 skills or attacks, the next normal attack will trigger an attack effect for more time.

Onmyoji Arena apk mod charater

Shikigami Dodomeki

Dodomeki is considered the strongest Shikigami in the game with an extremely interesting skill set:

Ghost Eye: When Dodomeki uses his power to damage enemies again or use basic attacks to damage enemies 3 times, 1 Ghost Eye will open. If 5 Ghost Eyes are opened at the same time, this Shikigami will fall into an Evil Light state for a certain amount of time. At this point, if Dodomeki attacks the enemy with basic attacks, Ghost Eyes will attack the target in turn with a magic spell. Also, if Dodomeki seals the enemy’s Spirit, Flaming Eye, Gaze and Deadly Gaze will be refreshed immediately.

Flaming Eye: Dodomeki releases 3 flame eyes in a certain direction to use magic to destroy the enemy on their way and leave the prints on the ground. These seals will explode after a short time then the enemy with the seal will be injured.

Gaze: Dodomeki unleashes Haunting Eye to target enemies to unleash spells and create an observation area at that location. It reduces the enemy’s armour and magic resistance while healing Dodomeki.

Deadly Gaze: Dodomeki throws Haunting Eye in a certain direction to spell the enemy on its way. If he used this power again in a short time, Dodomeki would quickly reach the current location of the haunted eye.

Ultimate skill: Cursed Eye

Dodomeki launches the Cursed Eye in a certain direction. This eye will curse a kingdom in a short time. It approaches its destination and rings out fear to the enemy within its range as well as deals magic damage.

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Onmyoji Arena APK has just added a penalty feature when somebody cancels the match. Accordingly, the players from the challenge rank or higher only receive 1 time of the match without penalty every day. For the next time, in addition to the available penalties, the Merit score will be reduced, as well as the waiting time will be increased. It can be seen that Onmyoji Arena APK is a game with intense gameplay, beautiful graphics and many advanced features. If you want to experience a highly entertaining MOBA game and extremely cute chibi graphics, Onmyoji Arena is a perfect choice.

A little note: Onmyoji Arena is a free game, but some in-game items will require you to pay. These are items that help your character have more beautiful and quality costumes.

New updates:

New Shikigami Invades Heian-Kyo!


Ungaikyo is a Mage shikigami.He has two forms, Yin and Yang. Different forms provide different damage and control effects, and switching forms flexibly according to the specific situation can maximize damage and control on the battlefield.

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4th Anniversary Celebration
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