Phantoms: Tang Dynasty APK v1.0.7

Full NamePhantoms: Tang Dynasty
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.0.7
RequireAndroid 4.3+
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Phantoms: Tang Dynasty is an attractive role-playing game from YOUZU – a game developer from Singapore. It is now in the beta process exclusively for the Android operating system. Although it has not officially launched, Phantoms: Tang Dynasty is highly appreciated and most experienced by gamers in China and Taiwan. It has been rated as the most expected game in 2020. According to official information, the game is currently open for registration for Asia. Shortly after, it will be released worldwide. In particular, the game has many different languages that are convenient for gamers around the world.

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The game content

Phantoms: Tang Dynasty exploits the traditional culture and the fantasy of Japan and China. It has content about the war between the gods and ghosts in the folklore of these two countries. In the game, gods possessed infinite magic power, whose mission was to destroy and prevent the evil plots of the demons.

As for the gameplay, the game applies an open-world role-playing model. In which, most of the activities are killing the demon in the quests. Besides, you can join the bigger battlefield to tame the greater Bosses. Players can fight, transform into many shapes with different attributes and skills. During the battle, you have to coordinate keeping the Five Elements and the Spirit to defeat the monsters. Moreover, when you get stuck in a hard situation, you can transform into the Spirit to turn the battle around.

But with this great investment, it seems the publisher has worked with a partner in the world to take legal issues. Hopefully, in the official version, gamers will have exciting experiences.

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The key features

The game has 4 major career types, 8 small branches, which you can freely switch. In addition to the skills, swords and magic, Eastern mystic forces arewaiting for you to discover. The design and character are extremely creative, which are not like any gods in other games of the same genre.

In the game, you will play the role of an apprentice god, using the magic sequences to investigate the monsters’ information. During the game, players will gradually improve their strength, search for powerful weapons to destroy the monster more easily.

After the mission is completed, you will get a certain amount of money. You can use it to buy equipment, upgrade and learn more magic. After each game screen, you will return to the beginning location and receive new missions. This game requires you to spend a lot of time before you can get great achievements and turn your character into one of the strongest characters.

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The graphics

Phantoms: Tang Dynasty is designed on high-quality 3D graphics. In which, the images combine lighting effects and realistic shading shadows. Besides, the scenes of killing, shaping characters and demons will also remind you of a historical movie rather than a mobile game. This trial version only applies to Android users on Google Play. After launching the Open Beta in early January 2020, including iOS, all data in the previous trial will be deleted. In return, the accounts that have participated in the trial version will receive a corresponding in-game gift after the game is released. Here is the link to access a pre-registration and testing version. Please follow us regularly to update the latest information about the game as well as update more exciting products! Thanks and have fun!

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