Pixel Gun 3D APK MOD (Infinite bullets) v17.1.3

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  • January 16, 2020
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New update :


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  • Back to the cozy maps: Christmas Dinner, Toy Factory and Christmas Town have been updated


  • Gold Series has launched
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Pixel Gun 3D is a multiplayer 3D shooter game with the first-person perspective. The game was released by the publisher of the same name Pixel Gun 3D. They were completely serious and enthusiastic about this product. Pixel Gun 3D is inspired by Minecraft game design. In the game, the players have to create a character from the basic editing tools, which are similar to the toolset in creating Minecraft skins. Besides, you have to destroy all the monsters appearing constantly.

Pixel Gun 3D apk

The familiar survival gameplay

Although the game is different from other games in terms of the graphics, the publisher still wants to direct it to the traditional Battle Royale gameplay. At the beginning of the game, you will be with other 99 players on an island. After you want to parachute onto the island, you can choose the place in advance and jump like in other survival games.

Your mission is not to kill as many people as possible or get the highest point to achieve first ranking position but successful survival. Gamers have to compete with other 99 players for the only slot of survival. The last survivor is the winner of the game.

Pixel Gun 3D apk gameplay

How to play survival mode in Pixel Gun 3D

In Survival Mode, your gunner will face a series of attacks from zombies. They are coming from all sides with diverse forms like police, doctors, nurses… who have been close to you. However, these zombies are trying to approach, attack and turn you into a zombie.

Besides, gamers have to deal with other kinds of monsters with different size and characteristics. Therefore, you have to be strong and ready killing all creatures on the way. At the end of the game, players will have to face a great Boss – EVIL ZOMBIE BOSS. After killing the final boss, the player can open the gate to different battle locations.

The important notes in Survival Campaign mode:

  • Diverse weapon options: Colt guns, heavy machine guns, AK47 rifles, MP5 semi-automatic guns, etc.
  • Support many maps.
  • Players will fight various types of zombies, monsters and enemies.
  • Pixel graphics with high image quality (HD) and suitable lighting effects.
  • The sound and music play an important role, making the fight more thrilling, exciting and dramatic.
  • Support training camp options for new players.
  • Challenging gameplay: players will not be allowed to move through the enemy anymore. Also, you need to be extremely careful when going through the narrow corridors. If you touch the enemies, you will lose the game.
  • Allows players to share achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

Pixel Gun 3D apk mod howto

Other game modes

Multi-player mode

  • You can compete with your friends or in-game players.
  • Fight in multiple maps with different shapes and sizes.
  • Use a variety of weapons such as the magical bow and arrow, M16 rifle, Golden Desert Eagle, Lightsaber light sword as in the classic movie Star Wars…
  • Allow up to 8 people to participate in a battle.
  • Support the contact features: you can communicate with teammates and other players right in the battle screen.

Pixel Gun 3D apk mod multiplayer

The support mode:

  • Allow up to 4 players participating in a battlefield.
  • Allow players to chat with each other.
  • Provide 8 special maps
  • Interesting and unique gameplay
  • Donate coins for high results

The control mechanism

Like in other shooter games, you will move by using the joystick touch button on the left and right sides of the screen for firing, jumping, replacing bullets, and buttons for expressing emotions. Besides, you also have to swipe horizontally left or right to change the view. If you have ever played other Battle Royale survival games, this move will not be too difficult for you. However, the control of Pixel Gun 3D is intuitive and not so hard for gamers to get used to.

Costumes and pets

In addition, the game has more than 200 different weapons, more than 40 items such as jetpack, energy shield… Besides, there are more than 180 extremely creative costumes for gamers to choose from. You can dress up characters into zombies, pirates or superheroes. Moreover, the Pet is unique character in the game, which is trusted friend on the battlefield. The game’s pet system is also very impressed with many types such as Dogs, Cats and Unicorns, even a T-Rex dinosaur.

Pixel Gun 3D apk mod weapons

The new features in Pixel Gun 3D MOD:

  • Give the player an infinite number of rounds.
  • Allows players to record their gaming performance and share with friends (only supported on Android 4.0 of higher with H.264 decoder).
  • Add Clans system in Friends section.
  • New map: Nuclear City – Nuclear City.
  • New weapons: Bass Cannon.
  • Fixed a bug in the previous version.

The graphics

In terms of graphics, the game is only made with 8-bit pixel graphics but it is still good enough to make you satisfied. This is a special graphics that helps Pixel Gun 3D standing out among a lot of survival games. Minecraft has attracted billions of players with graphics only in the form of squares graphics.

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Pixel Gun 3D is an interesting game, which is a great combination of survival and minecraft. If you are a fan of first-person shooter games, you definitely cannot ignor it. In this article, we bring you Pixel Gun 3D APK MOD (Infinite bullets), which provides you with unlimited number of bullets for freely shooting enemies. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now!

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