Pocket City Free APK (Full Paid Version | Mod Money) v1.1.357

Full NamePocket City
PublisherCodebrew Games
Mod FeaturesFull Paid Version | Mod Money
Latest Version1.357
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Pocket City APK (Full Paid Version | Mod Money) is an attractive city-building simulation game on Android mobile devices. Codebrew Games has built a very interesting story. You play the role of the mayor who has the task of developing your town into a bustling and prosperous city. Let’s start finding out all the highlights of the game right below!

Pocket City APK


The content of Pocket City

In Pocket City, gamers play the role of a new mayor who just took office but was responsible for building a small town into a magnificent city. It sounds very hard, but Pocket City is available to you as an assistant to guide every step to accomplish that great task.

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Build your own town

In the game, you will start building bridges and roads as well as allocate 3 main areas including industry, commerce and residential. Building these three areas, players will gradually expand their cities, attracting more people to live. Moreover, you can make more money from tax and trade revenue. From the money you have, you can build more works for people such as green parks, beaches, entertainment areas, banks, hospitals, schools, etc.

However, the more the city grows, the more systems you have to pay attention to. Typically, the way to build bridges and roads will affect traffic congestion; high tax will cause the attitude of people to change; the industrial activities will make the environment seriously affected; besides, you have to pay attention to crime rates, service maintenance costs for the city, export-import rates as well as healthcare for your residents. If you could manage these criterias, you would become a true manager in the virtual world. Obviously, you will own a top position in Pocket City.

Pocket City android

Complete mission

In the game, you have to do many tasks. For example, you have to interact with many characters in your city; eliminate bad things from the city; try to accomplish your goal to gain extra experience and bonuses; earn XP points and increase your Lever by completing missions; unlock new special buildings with your good jobs.

Upgrade buildings

Players can upgrade buildings to improve its gold producing ability. Besides, upgrading feature also makes the town more beautiful and attracts more residents. In addition, Pocket City has lots of small things that attract the player and make it an addictive game like mini-games. When you play these games, you can get extra rewards.

Pocket City game mod android

The strategy of Pocket City

In the game, you have to consider making smart decisions to maximize everything. For example, if you put that factory near the outskirts, you will be more easily developed. If you are located in a residential or urban area, you will have to ensure higher requirements. Moreover, you must build areas with the highest demand to improve your income.

Please continuously upgrade your city and optimize the job market, income, civic happiness, taxes, the environment and more. Gamers should see more statistics to make the best decision when building your city.

Pocket City game android

Protect the city

Protect your city against disasters and crime is the most important thing. In which, you can build emergency services, hospital, radar… There are many solutions to protect the city. The game will guide you in detail so don’t worry too much about this

The outstanding features of Pocket City for Android

  • Build a unique city by creating specialized zones.
  • Launching many exciting events including organizing a fun party for people or dealing with disasters such as tornadoes, storms or floods
  • Complete tasks to earn money and XP.
  • Unlock great buildings by levelling up.
  • Unlock new lands with different types of terrain.
  • Optimizing the source of money, traffic, happiness and more.
  • Enjoy a dynamic city with friendly citizens, vehicles, animals and many buildings.
  • Upload your city to the cloud storage service so you can play on another device or share with friends.
  • Intuitive touch operations
  • Support offline mode
  • Play in portrait or landscape mode.
  • No in-game purchase with real cash

Pocket City android game


Pocket City is a great game, which gives you the best city-building experience on Android. The game has no in-game purchase with real money. Everything is unlocked. In addition to Pocket City MOD (Money), modgameapk.net also gives you a lot of options like Little Big City 2 MOD (Money), Homescapes MOD (Coins) with a lot of interesting city building. Let’s download and enjoy the games right now! Thanks and have a fun game!

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