Pokémon Masters Ex APK v2.21.0

Full NamePokémon Masters Ex
PublisherDeNA Co., Ltd.
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version2.21.0
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Pokémon Masters Ex is the latest Pokémon game developed by DeNA and Pokémon company. The game is also one of the most expected mobile games at the moment. In this article, we would like to provide you with the APK file of the game for free, named Pokémon Masters Ex APK. Please join us to find it out right now!

Pokemon is definitely not new to you, which is close to each person’s childhood through games as well as famous manga and anime. In the anime, Pokemon will accompany the main character, Ash. His starting Pokemon was Pikachu and many others on the adventure. As you all know, each part has different gen of pokemon. Pokémon Masters possesses many genomes of Pokémon similar to anime. Also, the game has many more interesting features. Let’s together with modgameapk.net to find out about this extremely attractive game below!

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Pokémon Masters apk mod


Adventure with the pokemon team

Like in the anime, you will start the game Pokemon with Pikachu and its two trainers, Misty and Brock. Their Pokemon will accompany you, Onix and Starmie. In each match, there will be a little different from other Pokemon games. We will learn about it later.

Pokémon Masters will allow you to create your character, not defaulting to the Ash character as in the story. However, the original version of the plot remains the same. You and two trainers go on an adventure through different regions for collecting and training your Pokemon. On your adventurous journey, you will encounter many unpredictable challenges. Your task is to overcome them all and become the world’s leading Pokemon coach.

The goal of the player to join the Pokémon Masters is to complete the journey to exploring Pasio island. You can collect the certification badges from the leaders and achieve high honors on the game’s rankings. When the game was launched for the first time, the game provided up to 65 Sync Pairs. Players can recruit these coaches by doing quests or summoning randomly through a certain amount of gems collected in the game. Also, players can use real money in the game if they do not want to spend time playing the game.

Pokémon Masters apk mod gameplay

Training POKEMON

As mentioned above, Pokémon Masters allows you to go with two other trainers. So you not only need to train your Pokemon but also your companions. You can create a private team of three powerful trainers and reach the top together. With Misty and Brock, you can change your companion according to your preferences.

Besides, the game supports 3vs3 fighting modes, in which you can use 3 Pokemon. They can fight and support each other at the same time. You need to train all 3 Pokemon at the same time to improve their fighting power which will help you win the game easily. Also, the game still follows the old format of fighting in turn. You will choose the skills of each Pokemon so they can follow your orders. Gamers can choose one of the four skills, which may be attacking or defensive, or supporting skills. When Pokemon’s blood is down to 0, it will be unconscious and unable to fight anymore. The side with the remaining Pokemon will be the winner.

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Real-time match

The game is a real-time strategy (RTS), which is a genre of extreme tactics that requires the players’ thinking ability. Typically, other Pokemon games will play in a 1vs1 format, but Pokémon Masters allows you to take 3 Pokemon at a time to increase the tactics of the game. At this point, you have to consider, use good skills to defeat the opponent. For example, there will be Pokemon which has the supporting skills that are healing, improving armor and attack indicators. Your task is to use properly to enhance the Pokemon’s abilities and defeat an opponent quickly. In addition, Pokémon Masters has a co-op mode, allowing players to form teams or play with friends around the world. In this mode, three players will work together to overcome challenges.

Pokémon Masters apk battle

The graphics

In terms of graphics, it will definitely surprise you. Pokémon Masters possesses modern Japanese 3D graphics technology. The pokemon are designed similar to the anime version, which is so cute and funny. Besides, the live sound brings you the most realistic gaming experience.

Pokémon Masters apk

How to download and install basic Pokémon Masters for Android

  • First, to download Pokemon Master Ex to your device, you download the link at the end of this article. After downloading and installing Pokemon Masters, please click Open to start the game then click “Tap to Start” to enter the game.
  • Next, you need to have all 3 terms of Pokemon Master and click Continue to enter the game. If there is an update that comes with the update size, you can click “Yes” to update the game. After the update is completed, you reset the game.
  • Just entering the game, you will start with the Story stage. The characters in the storyline will start with the conversations. You can click on the dialogue to continue the story.
  • Finally, you can play against the enemy team. At this point, gamers can choose one of the three skill boards of Pokemon to use.

Pokémon Masters apk how to


Pokémon Masters Ex APK is a super game about Pokemon. Currently, the game has been officially released worldwide. Please follow our site daily to update and download the latest version of this game. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

Added new content and completed minor game improvements and bug fixes.

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