Pokey Ball APK (MOD Unlimited Money) v1.12.12

Pokey Ball is an interesting entertainment game from the developer VOODOO. The game has two main character objects, including a ball and a tower. In this game, we have to mention the important role of entertaining and simple gameplay from VOODOO – the manufacturer of a series of entertainment games with a simple style like Draw Joust!, Knock’em All… Inheriting the typical style, Pokey Ball has a simple gameplay but very attractive, which is suitable for gamers of all ages. Please join us to check the game right now!

The gameplay

In Pokey Ball, players have to try to get the ball to the top of the tower as quickly as possible. The control is quite simple, in which you just need to swipe the ball back from the ground to the top of the tower. When climbing to the tower, gamers can collect many rewards (coins). Moreover, once you reach the top of the tower and the ball stops, you even get more coins to add to your final score.

Besides, we can say speed is the most important thing in this game. But it is not all. Instead, you need the ball to make sure it does not fall during the move. While the ball is in the air, players can touch the screen to make the ball stick to one of the pins on the tower. It will help you avoid falling then continue to climb. If you reach the goal, you will gain more points.

Pokey Ball gameplay download

Challenge system

If it’s just you getting the ball to the finish line, it’s pretty boring. Therefore, VOODOO has designed an extremely diverse challenge system, which can take you weeks or even months to conquer them. First, the challenge in Pokey Ball is through the numbers. We have to mention the number of the levels in the game, which can be up to 500 or 600, depending on the updates of the developer. At the first 50 levels, gamers will find it very easy to pass. However, the longer you

play the game, the more difficult it will be. Specifically, the tower will get higher and higher. The number of pins on the tower is in a harder position to touch. Also, the gold coins on the path will be in inconvenient places. At this point, the game requires you a little agility, ingenuity to be able to conquer this game.

Pokey Ball system download

The MOD feature

Pokey Ball is similar to most other games of the same genre and from the developer VOODOO. There is always a character skin system for players to collect. Unlocking hundreds of balls will be the goal you aim for on your journey. To get them, gamers can unlock them with coins or viewing ads. However, it will take your time to accumulate enough money for all of them. Therefore, we would like to bring you the modified version of the game named Pokey Ball APK (MOD Unlimited Money) in this article. You will experience all the advanced features for free. Moreover, the MOD has removed all ads, which will enhance your gaming experience. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!


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