Postknight APK MOD ( Unlimited Money) v2.2.21

Postknight is an interesting role-playing action game with a new style of turn-based fighting style to create impressive graphics. In the game, you will become a warrior, whose mission to rescue the villagers being attacked by monsters and win rewards from mystical chests. After each win, you will get the corresponding amount of money to upgrade equipment, weapons and skills to improve your character’s power. Besides, the game has many attractive features of an RPG game, which attracts all the players.

Postknight apk


The story

In Postknight, its story is about the adventure of a knight who receives a difficult and dangerous mission in the vast kingdom of Kurestal. The mission is transportation. Through the delivery job, the knights will meet different characters and travel to various lands. On the way to join the union, the knight has met many players as well as to admire many beautiful girls. In addition to helping people, killing monsters and delivery, he likes to flirt with girls. In Postknight, NPC helps you upgrade equipment, selling goods and communicating. Besides, you can give gifts to improve the relations between you and other girls in the game. The higher the affection is, the more open the girls will be. Of course, she will give him more.

The attractive gameplay

In the game, your mission is to deliver the letters to the suburban people. On an endless journey, you have to fight against monsters to be able to go to the next village. Your knight will automatically move and attack the enemy, so you just need to tap the 3 main skills to attack, defend and heal. Because the game is not fully automatic so it does not make gamers bored. After passing each shipment, you can collect chests. In which, you can have a chance to collect jewels, medicinal items and stay at the village. Here, you will use the money and medicinal materials just collected to upgrade the speciality and make medicinal preparations for the next journey.

Postknight mod game

Upgrade equipment

After going through the first few things, there are a lot of upgrades and new features that will open up for you to explore as in a true RPG game. The upgrading system has 4 options for you to choose from including Str, Agi, Int and Vit – the classic Western European RPGs. Besides, the weapon system is more and more advanced with unique upgrading points in the Blacksmith section. Finally, it is the side quests system for you to do before moving to the new stage.

Postknight for android

Simple control system

Postknight is designed in the form of an exciting RPG. In the game, the control system is intuitive that is optimized for mobile devices. From content to control mechanisms, they are suitable for both casual and hard code gamers. Instead of having to spend hours to experience the highlights of an RPG adventure, Postknight contains many interesting little things that need players to slowly explore.

The beautiful graphics

The world of Postknight is very bright and colorful. It combines with the Chibi style. It makes gamers have a lot of sweet feeling but intense during the game. In addition to the beautiful graphics, the game has a lot of in-game details such as clothes, houses and equipment. They are also designed carefully, making the game more professional.

The new features in Postknight version 2.2.21:

  • Fix the bug of missing items on the list of businessman Caldemount
  • Improved the interfaces
  • Fix small errors
  • Improve game performance
  • Improve the balance
  • Balancing the Flitter and Sinister settings
  • Enhance the difficulties for Griffondell, Caldemount and Valle of Gold
  • Recover the Hard Modes challenge time
  • Merchant Adventure


Postknight apk mod


In general, Postknight is not a hardcore RPG game like Final Fantasy or other online RPG but it will help you fulfil the awesome RPG interest right on your phone. With stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, there’s nothing to blame Postknight. For free games on both Android and iOS, you should download and play Postknight right away.


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