PGT +?: Pro GFX & Optimizer(with advance setting) APK v0.19.0

Full NamePGT Free ?: GFX & Optimizer
PublisherTrilokia Inc.
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version0.19.0
RequireAndroid 4.3+
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About PGT + Tool

PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit(Previously known as PUB Gfx+ Tool) is a launcher utility that can change graphics settings, optimize fps and boost gaming performance with unique features like Best settings, Zero lag & Battery Saver mode, Potato graphics, GPU Optimization, Hardware-Accelerated Rendering, Dark Theme etc

This app is a great tool from Trilokia developer, which will help increase the PUBG Mobile gaming experience. It supports the low-end device to run this game smoothly, capable of increasing the graphics quality to 1080p, even up to 120 FPS.

It can be said that PUBG Mobile currently dominates the genre of mobile shooter. This game always attracts a large number of players of all ages around the world. However, not all devices can play this game. Due to the high graphics, PUBG Mobile requires your device to meet the configuration requirements. Therefore, PUB Gfx + Tool was born to help people play PUBG Mobile smoother without the need for high-end devices.

PUB Gfx Tool apk

How to use PGT + Tool

To install and use PGT + Tool, please follow these instructions:

How to install:

You can access the download link at the end of this article and download this APK file. After that, the process of downloading GFX Tool will be completely automatic within a few minutes. When the download is complete, we will click Open to start.

PUB Gfx Tool Apk Install

How to use:

Step 1: You will start the GFX Tools APK file after you have successfully downloaded the app to the device. You have to make sure that you have completely logged out PUBG Mobile.

Step 2: Next, at the first access to this application, we will need to click “Allow” to give this application the right for accessing the device memory. Then, we will be transferred to the main interface of the application.

Step 3: When using the GFX Tool to play PUBG Mobile, we will choose the game version of PUBG Mobile that we are following with the server as shown above.

Step 4: After selecting the version, we will continue to select Resolution. Then, we select the screen size to suit our device configuration.

Step 5: After that, we will select the “So Smooth” option in the Graphics section and select the frame of 60 fps from the FPS section.

Step 6: Once you have selected the PUBG Mobile game configuration, we will select ACCEPT confirmation. Finally, we continue to select RUN GAME to launch PUBG Mobile immediately.

Note: When you select the PUBG Mobile version, you need to make sure you have updated the latest version of the app.

PUB Gfx Tool Play

The key features of PUB Gfx + Tool

  • Adjust resolution up to 1080p
  • Unlock HDR graphics on low-profile phones
  • Increased number of frames per second (FPS)
  • Change graphics style
  • Turn on / off object shading
  • Turn on / off Anti-Aliasing
  • Customize the game optimization such as Zero Lag mode and Battery Efficient.
  • Boost the game’s performance with XDA port.

PUB Gfx Tool apk download

Customize basic graphics

In the main menu of the app, there are some customizing options for game graphics:

  • 1080 resolution: Change the resolution of the game.
  • HDR graphics: Unlock HDR graphics on low-end devices.
  • Extreme FPS: Unlock Extreme FPS levels.
  • Style: Change graphic style settings.
  • Shadow: Enable and disable shadow.
  • Shadow Resolution (Pixel): Change the size of shadow pixels.
  • 4xMSAA: Turn on/off Anti-Aliasing
  • MSAA Level: Select the MSAA level.
  • Anisotropy Level: Select the Anisotropic filtering level (AF – anisotropic filtering).

Now, users can apply graphics settings in high-end models (such as Pixel / S9 / OnePlus / Poco / Note 9 / Razer / Xperia XZ3 / Moto Z2 / OppoF9 / Vivo NEX) to their device.

Advanced settings

  • Zero Lag mode and battery efficiency: Optimize game configuration.
  • Graphic Profile: Select graphics according to RAM size.
  • Potato Graphics: Minimum texture quality that is useful if the game is lag.
  • Hardware acceleration Render: Turn on VULKAN and OpenGL 3.1 + support.
  • Optimized GPU: Customize the OpenGL optimizer.
  • Memory enhancement: Increase game performance.
  • Safe mode: Use PGT + Tool without fear of being “banned” the game account.
  • Save layout and sensitivity settings: It does not need to reset the layout and sensitivity of the game.
  • Smart widget: Users can launch the game with just one touch without opening the PUB Gfx + Tool application again.
  • Image render level: Improved graphics quality.
  • Detailed mode: Change graphic details with different profiles.
  • Light effects: Turn on/off the light effects in the game.
  • Colour render level: Apply 32 Bit / 64 Bit colours.

PUB Gfx Tool apkmapp

PUB Gfx Tool download


PGT + Tool is released for free, but you can spend $ 0.64 to open more features of the app. In addition, you can use our version of PGT + Tool APK without worrying about being “banned” to your PUBG Mobile account. Let’s download and enjoy the app right now!

New update:

Added support for latest update with minor bug fixes and performance improvements
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