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Full NamePuzzles & Survival
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Latest Version7.0.93
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Puzzles & Survival is an extremely interesting strategy game from the developer 37GAMES. It has a very clear tactical orientation. However, what makes this game attractive is the Match-3 and survival puzzle element (18+). Besides, Puzzles & Survival also give players an unprecedented experience when building a complete story. In this article, we would like to bring players the APK file of the game for free. Please follow the details below!

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The story

Puzzles & Survival is set in a post-apocalyptic background. Players will face zombies everywhere. In the game, you are the captain of the team that rescues the survivors on earth, forming a refuge together and fighting different dangers. During a clash with zombies, your girlfriend, NOVA, has been infected with a virus. In that critical situation, you had to bring her back for treatment immediately. To get the cure serum for NOVA, you have to complete many quests.

The gameplay

This game is a smooth combination of 3 elements: strategy (mainly), puzzle, and survival. Specifically, players have to perform countless different tasks such as building bases, manufacturing, training troops, and fighting enemies… Besides, gamers must also complete missions to find the serum to cure Nova. Here, players will play in Match-3 gameplay. Finally, we talk about survival gameplay. You will have to pay attention to the possible dangers to your base are zombies, food shortages, and other players. It must be said that when playing this game, the player feels like he is playing 3 games that we have introduced at the same time, including Lord Mobile, Candy Crush Saga, and Lost In Blue.

Puzzles and Survival Gameplay

Key features

Tactics + Match-3:

As mentioned above, players have to solve puzzles to kill zombies. You will then receive experience points, serums, items, and building materials. Besides, you also have to recruit heroes and create your own tactics. In addition to playing according to the tactical and Match-3 mechanics, gamers also get to experience the creative post-apocalyptic game.


Players will lead the survivors into the last fortress of humanity. At this point, you will have to build many functional houses such as wooden houses, serum houses, researchers, barracks, commanders … Besides, gamers have to craft many modern weapons, and upgrade walls and indicators to be ready to deal with external dangers.

Alliance or enemy:

This game teaches you how to choose which friends to play with. Especially in a post-apocalyptic setting, anything is possible. However, the spirit of this game is unity and victory over death. Therefore, players should join alliances to protect each other. Only then can you survive. Outside your base, there are countless dangers lurking. What you can see right away are the bloodthirsty zombies. But the more dangerous thing is the hunger, the greed of the other survivors. They are ready to attack you when you are defenseless.

puzzles and survival Alliance

Download Puzzles & Survival APK for free on Android

In this article, we would like to bring players a completely free APK file on Android. We will continuously update new versions at modgameapk.net. Readers can follow and download it by following the link below. If you have any questions regarding this game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:
1. Module Challenge Floor 161-170.
2. New hero skin for Ulrik: Mutant Warrior.Optimizations
1. You can skip the animations in Joy 777 and Doomfest – Lucky Draw now.
2. The Pit is now a Battle-Division-wide feature, where players from servers that have been launched for a certain period of time will compete for the pits together.
3. When you delete a friend, you will also be removed from their friend list.


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