Full NameRaid: Shadow Legends
PublisherPlarium Global Ltd
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version4.10.2
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Today, Modgameapk.net continues to bring you a new game from Google Play, attracting huge attention from the gaming community. It is RAID Shadow Legends. The game is developed by a company with head office in Israeli. It is inspired by the historical storyline and European context. Besides, RAID Shadow Legends is a role-playing card game with quite new Western-style graphics. It promises to bring gamers a lot of interesting experiences. Let’s find it out right now!

RAID Shadow Legends apk

The game content

RAID Shadow Legends takes place in a new European mythical context. In the game, you will play the role of a warrior, whose task of rescuing the Teleria world. Players will have to recruit legendary warriors from both the Light side and the Dark side. Besides, you have to train them to be able to fight together, turning them into the strongest weapons and forming the most magnificent raid army ever.

However, in this game, you do not perform online missions like in role-playing games. Instead, you will focus on exploring and fighting. Accordingly, from the original storyline of saving the world of Teleria, players have to conquer challenges through 13 locations on the PVE campaign map, fighting legendary bosses to get more useful items for developing the army.

Besides, Raid Shadow Legends is a general role-playing card game. Fortunately, it does not follow the typical anime-style design to bring realistic dark graphics. This gives a gamer a great gaming experience with the best environmental animation effects.

RAID Shadow Legends android mod

Build a strong army

In the game, the character system is diverse. Players have the opportunity to try and fight from hundreds of warriors from 16 factions with unique characteristics and unique skill sets like Orcs, Skinwalkers, Undead, Knights, Elves… Moreover, you can level up these characters as well as equip them a lot of items to enhance their power. Also, players can collect hundreds of warriors from 16 factions and form a team like Skinwalkers, Undead, Knights, Elves and more to defeat the enemies.

In addition, you will be the one, who makes difficult decisions and equip your army with powerful equipment to support them in completing missions; Upgrading characters to release special skills with great destructive power, epic AOE attacks, healing abilities and more as you are leading them in RPG battles. The victory belongs to the person who builds the strongest army with the right skills and strategy.

RAID Shadow Legends android

Co-op mode

With Raid Shadow Legends, you not only fight alone. Instead, you can cooperate with other players in Co-op mode to kill bigger monsters, get more loot, rare items and more. However, to be the one, you will need to cooperate and unite with everyone very well.

In the fierce PvP arena, players have to compete with other players to unlock special equipment and occupy the high achievement rankings on intense battlefields. At the beginning of the battle, there will be 2 teams coming in but only the strongest team will be able to get the glory. You should join your friends for more power to enhance the chance of winning.\

The great graphic

In the game, you experience the dark background but immense world with 12 majestic locations on the large map. With beautiful 3D graphics and sharp game images, players can travel through many parts of Europe with magnificent castles and landscapes. Besides, the image is as realistic and lively as you live and experience in the context of that era. Also, the 3D graphics contribute to aesthetics and more vivid activities in the game.

Note: Raid Shadow Legends Android is a free game. However, some in-game items need to be purchased with real money. In addition, some paid items may not be refunded depending on the type of item. If you do not want to use this feature, please turn off in-app purchases at the device’s settings.

RAID Shadow Legends apk mod


With dramatic gameplay and diverse character systems and beautiful graphics, RAID Shadow Legends is the most interesting game today. It has a ranking board, which allows you to compete with your friend or other players in the world for more fun. Below is the link to download RAID Shadow Legends APK (Original). For those who like the MOD version, please be a bit patient. We will update it as soon as it is available. Thanks and have fun!

New update:

– New Apocalypse Tower game round. 2 New Bosses – Earn unique Materials from Thien Dieu Master and Than Long and craft 2 Sets of Apocalypse Tower Artifacts!
– 4 new Ultimate Champions and 2 Legendary Champions.

– Tower of the Apocalypse will now be based on number of plays, not duration.
– Improved Thi Toc. Filter and categorize your Town Tribe, Quick join and promote your Town for new Members!


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