Ramp Car Jumping APK (MOD,Money) v2.0.8

Ramp Car Jumping is a thrilling terrain driving simulation game for mobile. In this game, players will choose a favorite car, perform dangerous moves and crazy jumping on different terrains. Although the gameplay and graphics are quite simple, the game still makes a great gaming experience for players. With an 8-year period since its inception, BoomBit Games has published 18 games on Google Play. Most of them have achieved good results. Based on user reviews, the game is gradually improved and offers a better experience. Ramp Car Jumping is such a game. Please join us to check the game right now!

Ramp Car Jumping mod apk download


Crazy gameplay

With Ramp Car Jumping, gamers will control their car through the slopes and try to make it as far as possible. The dashboard will help you move your car. At this point, gamers just touch and hold the screen according to the instructions to speed up. However, they only work when you are on the bridge. Then, you can also use the rocket booster to accelerate and help your car move further. It sounds simple, but there are many difficulties to face. For example, you may get obstacles like another car, a tree, or a building. They will affect the direction of travel, and you cannot reach a further distance to pass the level. The minimum target is 4000m. If you pass it, the distance to win will go beyond. Also, this means you need to control the car better, for a longer period.

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Choose your favorite car

In the beginning, the game has only 9 cars. They put up a notice that a new car will appear and can be used after 30 minutes. I waited and it was a classic Western car. Afterward, it was an Audi with a modern sporty form. Besides, you will have to wait and expect more unique cars. Next, we will talk about their capabilities. As can be seen in the description, they are represented by weight and speed. These indicators will affect the drop rate and the sensitivity in the control. It does not mean that higher speeds will travel longer distances. They are only a small part and depend mostly on your control skills.


There are 3 main factors that need to upgrade, including Engine, Boost and Bonus. With Engine, the maximum level you can achieve is 200. At this point, they make your car stronger and perform better. This is the feature that you feel is most evident. When not upgraded, a slight collision may cause your vehicle to roll away, distort or break the body. But once the engine is upgraded, your vehicle will be able to withstand quite a lot of bumps. Moreover, Boost is like the capacity of a rocket fuel tank. When upgrading more, you can accelerate longer. Finally, Bonuses, they bring more bonuses than what you actually achieve.

Ramp Car Jumping car download

The graphics

In the recent articles, we mention very little graphics but with Ramp Car Jumping, it will really help you feel interesting. BoomBit Games always bring a bright and funny style to their game. You will feel it more clearly when the car hits a building or a tree. Specifically, they crumbled, the wheels fell off but could still move through the air. The sound part is the same. Besides, the game produces the diverse and authentic sound system. For example, you can see the sound of the engine, the boosts, or the roar of the wind when the rocket thruster works and makes you move faster.

The MOD feature

Unlimited Money: The MOD version gives you a lot of money to upgrade, shop and optimize your engines.


In general, Ramp Car Jumping has similar gameplay and more advanced features than other games of the same genre. But the control system will make it difficult for you if you do not know how to master the situation. The developer BoomBit Games really knows how to cause difficulties for players. However, they always make gamers excited. Readers can download and enjoy the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New update:
We have added new exciting LEVEL for the most engaged players – CONGRATULATIONS!

More updates coming soon.
Thanks for playing!

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