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Real Yulgang Mobile is a great 3D MMORPG game project, which is a cooperation between the Korean gaming company – MGame and the familiar publisher Asiasoft. This version was first available in Thailand. So far, it has been receiving a lot of attention from the community. Especially for those who have been a fan of the role-playing game series, Real Yulgang Mobile will be worth the wait if it opens officially. Please join us to find out its highlights in this article!

Real Yulgang Mobile apk free download


The story

Real Yulgang Mobile still follows the original plot of the famous comic book The Ruler of the Land. In which, it features the journey revolving around two main characters, consisting of Han Bi Kwang and Dam Hwa Rin. During their journey against the evil forces, they had to confront different factions. They gradually realized that the real enemy that threatened the peace of the martial arts was the God of Land. Han Bi Kwang, Dam Hwa Rin and their allies fought against the strong enemies.

The gameplay

At this point, the gameplay of Real Yulgang Mobile still follows the traditional role-playing style, including leveling up and upgrading the character’s power. However, to avoid falling into the boring form of leveling, the game offers you a diverse task system. In the game, you can fight monsters, hunt, gather to helping the NPC complete the mission. Moreover, players can strengthen the character by upgrading equipment, beating pearls, purifying the attribute stream, making clothes, opening the rewards…

Also, it can be seen that the game attempts to open up a vast world where the level of martial arts will determine character level on the mobile platform. When you reach a certain level, players can participate in a variety of PvE, PvP, and other activities of the game.

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Character system

The game seems to remain the same characters from the storyline. On the Thai version, Real Yulgang Mobile launched 5 main character classes including Bladesman, Fencer, Spearman, Archer, and Healer. In addition to a new creation, the characters also have an optimized skills system on a mobile platform.

After reaching the required level, players can choose either the Good or the Evil faction to join. Of course, each side affects the character’s skill set and power development branch later on.

Real Yulgang Mobile apk free download

The graphics

Real Yulgang Mobile has beautiful graphics. As you know, the attraction of any role-playing game is the gameplay system and diverse missions. With Real Yulgang Mobile, this game also has a graphics system that is originally designed on the PC. In which, the image still follows the bright 3D chibi cartoon style, true to the nature of the comic series. Besides, the visual effects of equipment and skills are vivid, especially in the fighting or moving part of the character.

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In general, Real Yulgang Mobile brings a new color to the current role-playing game series. The gameplay and graphics bring familiar experiences to players as enjoying the game on a PC. Moreover, it brings you more new for gamers on the phone. Currently, the game is available in Thailand and Taiwan. Besides, we provide you with the APK file of the named Real Yulgang Mobile APK. Players can download the game at the link below. After that, you can fake IP to Taiwan or Thailand via the Kiwi VPN app and enjoy the game easily.



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