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Rocket Buddy is the latest game from Playgendary developer. This game takes the image of the mannequin named Buddy. Also, it is inspired by the famous game Angry Bird. In the game, you have to shoot the target by cute and mischievous Buddy. Besides, there are many obstacles on the flyway, so you have to aim carefully and shoot down the objects to achieve rewards. At the moment, Rocket Buddy is one of the greatest games on Google Play that Android users are paying great attention to. Let’s check it out right now!

The gameplay

We have sent you the game with the content around Buddy, which is Kick the Buddy, in which you have to fight and torture Buddy to relieve stress. Instead, in Rocket Buddy, we will use them as bullets to shoot down the target. Like in Angry Bird, your job is to stuff Buddy into the cannon, shoot them at items with colorful shields. The bullet path is denoted by dots, allowing you to align the angle and the force of the shot accordingly. With Rocket Buddy, you don’t need to gain momentum like Angry Bird. Instead, you need to adjust the angle of the shot then swipe your finger towards the shield to get a satisfactory shot. After hitting or causing the shield to fall and explode, you will pass the screen. On the contrary, if you shoot all the bullets and the shield is still good, you have lost the game.

Rocket Buddy mod apk gameplay


The challenges

In my opinion, Rocket Buddy’s gameplay is quite good, but it is not too special. So what makes the game attractive? It is the diverse obstacles. You will have to take Buddy through many different challenges to reach the target. The simplest is to knock down the barrels; a little harder then shoot through the ice, open doors… In short, the game has countless obstacles with many difficulty levels and design styles. The special thing is that the game has no repeatable obstacles. Each game has a unique arrangement that does not cause boredom for players.

Rocket Buddy mod apk challenger


What are Diamonds and stars for?

At the end of each stage, you will receive some stars corresponding to your result if you win the game. If you lose, you will get nothing. However, if you hit the diamonds in the game, you will receive it. Diamonds and stars can be used to open Buddy skin. In the game, there are many beautiful skins for you to choose from. In addition, when you have enough stars, you can open up more attractive game modes with interesting gameplay. Also, the game provides you with a lucky spin, which will bring you many amazing items. Therefore, you should try to win the screen really fast, save as few bullets as possible to collect more diamonds and stars.

Rocket Buddy mod apk diamonds


The graphics

You may know, Playgendary is one of the most famous developers in the world. Its games are towards simplicity in gameplay as well as graphics. Rocket Buddy is no exception. This game is designed on the 2D platform with bright colors. Besides, the obstacles, buddy skin are designed very lovely.

Rocket Buddy mod apk graphics


In general, Rocket Buddy is a great game with unique gameplay, many advanced features, diverse obstacle system and cute graphics. In this article, we would like to bring a modified version of the game named Rocket Buddy APK (Original). It allows you to have a large number of diamonds and Premium Character right from the beginning of the game. It will definitely make you more interested in. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now! Thanks and have fun!


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