Roller Splat APK MOD (Remove Ads) v4.1.0

Full NameRoller Splat
Mod FeaturesRemove Ads
Latest Version4.1.0
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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When we mention Voodoo, many players will immediately think of games with simple gameplay and intuitive interface. Moreover, this publisher is well-known for high entertaining games, which are good at releasing stress. We can mention some popular game from Voodoo like, Tigerball or Helix Jump… When they launch the games, they have been received a great welcome from the gaming community. Today, would like to introduce you to another interesting game named Roller Splat!. It promises to bring you the best gaming experience.

Roller Splat! apk


The simple but interesting gameplay

In Roller Splat!, players have to lead a colour ball moving along the path in the maze to cover them with perfect paint. Each level takes you to a different type of tunnel. You have to find the fastest way to lead the paintball in the maze. It should be very interesting when seeing the roads covered with brilliant and shiny paint. Besides, the gamer’s goal is to win the highest position on the rankings. You need to find the shortest and fastest way.

Roller Splat! apk gameplay

Easy control mechanism

The game has a simple control mechanism. In which, you just need to swipe up and down to lead the ball in the labyrinth. When moving, the ball will paint on every white surface of the maze. The game will give you a satisfactory feeling and relaxing experience when you see every surface covered with glossy and perfect paint.

Diverse levels

In Roller Splat!, there are more than 100 levels for you to conquer. Some levels will repeat, but they are for players to complete the levels in a better way. Besides, avoid painting on an area many times is an important tip for you to get high scores. Of course, many stages make you roll the ball through a position 2 or 3 times to cover the white space. Rolling back and forth like that does not affect anything but will only make you take a little more time.

To complete the game screen in the shortest time is an extremely difficult challenge. The game screen will constantly change with many types of vast maze and troubles. So, passing a level is quite difficult. Moreover, you have to quickly pass the game, get a high score and to reach the top position. This requires you to find the shortest path and adapt to a variety of challenges as soon as possible. There will be several levels of repeated gameplay in the game. It is not boring but makes you find more ways to pass the level faster as well as improve your skills.

Roller Splat! apk mod levels


In the game, you can compete with many people around the world or with your friends. The game can be played offline with high entertainment characteristics. It is a great way for you and your friend to compete with each other in the short break, which will be an effectively relaxing time as well as enhance your friendship.

The familiar but attractive graphics

One thing that is always the highlight of Voodoo’s success is the great graphics with bright and brilliant colours. Each game screen is a different colour with smooth paintball. Also, the fireworks effect appears every time you complete a level, which makes you very excited.

Remove ads

Roller Splat! would be a perfect game without too many ads. Indeed, many ads appear after each game. It causes players to feel uncomfortable. However, this is easy to understand with a free game. The developer can only make money with the ads. However, you can remove ads by disconnecting the Internet. Besides, we provide you with the best solution, which is to use Roller Splat! MOD (Remove Ads).

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In general, Roller Splat is a free game with colourful graphics and unique gameplay. The game is attractive and suitable for all ages, especially for children. Readers can download Roller Splat! MOD (Remove Ads) at the link below! Thanks and have fun!

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