Full NameRonin: The Last Samurai
PublisherDreamotion Inc.
Mod FeaturesHigh damage/ Dumb Bot
Latest Version1.15.380.11555
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Nowadays, it will be quite difficult to find a game that has strong gameplay, vivid sound, or at least is intuitive with interesting gameplay but does not depend on pay-to-win. In addition, the configuration of the gaming device is also a big barrier that makes many people unable to access good games. Understanding this, modgameapk.net has learned and eager to introduce to you a very good game with action gameplay, beautiful 2D graphics and does not require too high a device configuration. We are talking about the game Ronin: The Last Samurai. Besides, we would like to provide you with the APK MOD file of the game name Ronin: The Last Samurai APK MOD. It is free. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game below!

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Ronin The Last Samurai Cover Image

The gameplay

As mentioned above, Ronin: The Last Samurai is a beautiful action game from the developer Dreamotion Inc. It has been available on Google Play for a long time but has not yet reached many players due to many objective factors. However, when it comes to the subjective element (the game itself), we see nothing to criticize. As a Japanese anime action game, Ronin has a very unique fighting scene and character design. To get started, you’ll learn how to play through a short tutorial. Then you choose the character and give him a name. Besides, players will fight chapter to chapter. Controlling the character is not difficult when you experience horizontal screen control. On the left, there will be where you navigate the character up, down, left, or right. Because it’s a 2D game, you can only control the character to go in the 4 directions above, but you can’t run around in a circle. On the right, this will be the place for you to attack or block the opponent’s attack. It is displayed with a sword icon.

Ronin The Last Samurai Gameplay

Go deeper into the combat mechanics

It must be said that the combat mechanics of this game is very Samurai. Players can feel it through the way the character moves, looks, and attacks. Specifically, your opponents not only use swords but also guns. Surely you’ve seen in movies or somewhere where a Samurai holds a Katana sword and cuts the incoming bullet in halves. Terrible speed! Above each character are 2 horizontal bars representing 2 stats: The red bar is the health bar. The yellow bar is the block point. When you block the opponent’s attack or when you hit the target, the yellow bar on the opponent’s side will fill up. When this bar is full, your opponent will be stunned for a period. This is the right time for you to finish them. Moreover, you will also be stunned if your yellow bar is full. When stunned, the duration of the stun will be displayed on the head of the stunned person. It’s easy for players to estimate. Besides, you can use combos when full of the angry sword.

Unique features

  • Beautiful graphics but does not require high configuration of the device. This is a 2D anime game, so it is not too demanding on machine configuration. But one thing that amazes us is the beautiful graphics, smooth controls, and intuitive sound, which reflect the fierceness of the battles.
  • Upgrade character’s equipment: Players can earn money through matches and buy items or upgrade items for greater power. In addition, when you find enough materials, you can fuse or enhance equipment.
  • The look changes after each equipment changes.
  • Completely free to play. The game has ads installed to help the developer maintain revenue and continue to develop the game. However, they are properly installed so as not to disrupt the player’s experience.

Ronin The Last Samurai feature

The above is the necessary information for players to learn before starting this interesting game. Ronin: The Last Samurai APK MOD is an intuitive game that is easy to control but not easy to master.

In this article, we bring you the MOD APK file of this game. It will give players a large amount of money to enjoy without having to work so much. Readers can download it at the link below.

New updates:

– Improved seasonal ranking system
– Added “Essence” system
– Added “Heavy Strike” action
– Fixed minor bugs
– Please check the game Inbox for details.

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