Rope Slash APK MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) v1.0.18

Full NameRope Slash
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.0.18
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Surely, there are many people know Cut the Rope or known as “candy-eating monsters”. Based on the gameplay of Cut the Rope, Say Games developer has developed a great game called Rope Slash APK. It has been released for a few days, but there have been huge downloads and positive reviews on Google Play. Today, let’s together with to check out the game right below!

Rope Slash APK mod


Simple gameplay

Similar to Cut the Rope, in Rope Slash APK, your task is to cut the rope so that the ball falls and spills the water cans. It seems quite simple. However, to spill the cans, you have to go through the many difficult challenges. With the first games, you can overcome quite simply when it only has a rope, a ball and a can tower. For the next levels, you will find it more difficult when you have to face 2 or 3 even lots of ropes, balls and water cans. This is the time to show your ability. After overcoming the screen, you will get a certain number of diamonds. Besides, when you pass the screen, you will accumulate points. When the score increases to 100%, the game will ask you to see ads to unlock the ball.

Typical one-touch mechanic

For those who love simple gameplay, 1-touch style is no stranger. Rope Slash APK also has this interesting control mechanism. The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to touch the screen, swipe your finger through the rope to break it and make the ball fall. For difficult games, you should not hurry. Instead, you should think carefully, find yourself a reasonable strategy to knock down the cans.

Rope Slash APK mod gameplay

Difficult challenges

As I mentioned above, for the first games, you will overcome very easily. However, the following games will give you quite a sense of inhibition when challenges appear a lot, which are combined with many things. First is the rope, it will make you confused because you do not know which rope to cut properly. The rope is used to connect balls and obstacles together, so think and find a good way to cut to be reasonable. Next, it is the cubes, which will directly interfere with the contact with the can tower. The cans tower is also a great obstacle for you. It is arranging many cans in difficult places, which will cause significant obstacles for you. In addition to the obstacles, you will find somewhere that makes things easier to pass such as cannons, explosives packs…

The graphics

Because it is a game with simple gameplay, the developer does not focus much on the graphics and design. But overall, the graphics of the game is good enough. It is designed like a game for Java – games that were born decades ago. In addition, the sound system is not appreciated as they are extremely simple.

Rope Slash APK mod icon


Although the game has not so prominent graphics and sound system, the developer knew how to compensate by incorporating it into simple but highly entertaining gameplay. Overall, this is a new game that you should experience. It not only brings you endless entertainment but also helps you to practice patience as well as sharp thinking and ingenuity. If you want to relieve stress after stressful moments, Rope Slash APK is a perfect choice that you should not ignore. We offer you the Rope Slash APK and Rope Slash APK MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) versions. Hope you have an interesting experience! Thanks and have fun!

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