Royal Crown MOD APK (Diamond/Gold) v11.1.4

Full NameRoyal Crown
PublisherLINE Games
Mod FeaturesDiamond/Gold
Latest Version11.1.4
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Royal Crown MOD APK (Diamond/Gold) belongs to the Battle Royale game genre from the producer LINE Games. It supports multiple platforms (PC and Mobile), helping players have the most complete experience. With role-playing and adventure titles massively on gaming platforms such as PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, etc., a Battle Royale game is well received as a sign of a strong revival of this game series.

Besides, Royal Crown MOD APK (Diamond/Gold) allows players to buy characters, unlock new skills and equipment without worrying about the cost.

Royal Crown apk download mod


The gameplay

Royal Crown is set as a mysterious universe where exists both magic and modern weapons. Besides, gamers will be thrown into a survival war with a total of 60 players on a large map. Instead of only choosing a fixed character throughout the game, Royal Crown allows you to choose one of the character classes, such as Mage, Gladiator… before each match. Each of them has unique skills and equipment. Therefore, please learn carefully to be able to optimize its power.

When landing on the ground, your job is quite familiar: loot items, find equipment, resources for survival and fight with enemies to be the last survivor. Moreover, Royal Crown is a different game so your fighting skills are very important. Besides, finding the right equipment and combining moves is also the key for you to win the game. Currently, it has only 2 main modes, consisting of solo and 3-person squad.

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New details

Although it is a survival game, Royal Crown always has new things for you to experience. For example, you can hunt monsters to get equipment, collect ingredients to cook food, cut trees to make weapons… Besides, the game also has a very interesting activity that is building a home. You can scramble to build a house with many familiar details such as tables, chairs… Of course, the BO circle will not allow you much time to stay there, but this is also a quite interesting feature for you to explore.

Royal Crown download mod

The graphics

Royal Crown has a 3D platform with a beautiful Chibi style. Besides, the game also does not require players to have too high graphics settings. If your device is weak, you can set the graphics to medium and still have a sharp visual experience. Also, beautiful skill effects and the new interface is something that attracts players to Royal Crown.

Royal Crown apk download


In general, Royal Crown MOD APK (Diamond/Gold) is a Battle Royale game worth the most to experience today. The feature I like most about this game is the crafting mechanics and exchanging resources between players in the same team. Readers can download the game and experience it at the link below. Please leave your comments in the comments section! Thanks and have fun!

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