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  • October 16, 2020
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Shelter War APK is a new shelter building-action game from Royal Ark – the developer of the super shooting game – Bitter End. Shelter War is set in the apocalypse, where you have to build a city, develop an underground bunker, rescue and train survivors for fighting the zombie army. Besides, players have to plan out a strategy for survival, which is the most important thing in a nuclear postwar world, full of zombies and radioactivity. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

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The gameplay

Most of the time in the game, you have to build the shelter. Also, you need to upgrade them to a new, wider, more complete level. In the cellar, you can grow vegetables, cook, exercise, and even practice shooting. So how do we upgrade?

The problem here is making money. In the early stages of the game, you can go kill zombies or monsters to make money. The zombie army is quite large so you need to be very careful. Once you have a base, start having the first results like vegetables, fruits… After having enough money from selling them, you can upgrade your shelter.

In addition to fighting and farming, players can take on various survivor training courses, such as military, civilian, or radioactive. From there, you can get guns, equipment, and weapons for your team.

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Attractive game modes

Campaign mode: It includes hundreds of battles with dangerous enemies in a complex story. Also, you must plunge into dramatic battles with zombies, mutants, robots, zombies and the rest of the survivors. The game mode also provides you with many powerful vehicles, from buggy vehicles to modern combat helicopters.

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The key features

• Recruit more heroes on your team

• Provide resource points on the map for easy collection

• Explore new areas, abandoned laboratories, and search for unique equipment.

• Upgraded production system in the store.

• Participate in many exciting events and adventures for a chance to receive many valuable rewards.

• Trade and supply resources to other survivors.

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Overall, Shelter War APK fully presents a post-apocalyptic setting with a gloomy atmosphere and high-quality graphics. Besides, the building and upgrading gameplay will attract you. Surely, players do not want to take your eyes off the phone screen. Currently, Shelter War has been launched in some countries. Besides, Southeast Asia, Asia… can only experience a BETA version with many limited features. If you are in these areas, please download the Shelter War APK (Original) version at the link below this article.

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