Shootout 3D is an exciting shooter from Kwalee. In the game, you will have a chance to become a hero, who protects the people and defeat all the enemies. Because Shootout 3D is a shooting game so you need to have good skill of targeting and shooting. Besides, you have to protect your people to not to be killed by the enemy and by your bullets. Otherwise, you have to replay the game. In addition, the game has cute graphics and diverse challenges. Let’s together with to check the game right now!

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The interesting gameplay

In Shootout 3D game, you play a hero who has a superior shooting skill. Criminals and bosses are emerged among normal people or hiding behind shields or walls. Your mission is to destroy all of them without hurting innocent people. Players have to target accurately based on the angle that features the bullet direction. You can imagine that the shooting angle will be like when you play a billiards game. The angles will be featured with the line, which is easy for you to targeting. Don’t forget to take advantage of things like crates, wooden panels, mirrors to help you in difficult situations. However, it needs you to have a quick reaction because the enemies are also targeting you. On the map, you and the good people are green; the pink symbolizes the bad guy; the boss is blue. By the end of the level, you will face a boss. If you defeat him, you win the game.

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Easy controls

In addition, the control system of the game is very simple. You need to swipe left or right to control all characters on the screen including both good and bad people. Then, you can touch the screen to shoot. However, there is also an innocent citizen on the map. You have not to hurt them. Otherwise, the game will end. The small tip is that you should follow the line featuring the bullet direction. It will help you target accurately.

Diverse task system

3D Shootout has a very diverse quests system. With increasing difficulty tasks from time to time, the game will give you the most exciting experience. Besides, some difficult levels need a lot of time to pass. If you don’t want to waste time, you can use hints to pass the screen easily.

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The graphics

3D Shootout is designed on extremely simple 2D graphics but it is very cute like Crowd City or It has different colour stickman and monotonous appearance objects on white background. Although the characters in the game are designed extremely simple, the game features a colourful and effective art style. Especially, the game has beautiful effects. Therefore, Shootout 3D is still evaluated to be one of the best stickman games in the market.

How to remove ads

Shootout 3D has lots of ads. On Google Play, there are a lot of comments complaining about this issue. Today, offers you Shootout 3D APK MOD (Remove Ads), which will bring you the clear game with the non-ad feature. It definitely makes you comfortable during the game.

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Shootout 3D is a great shooting game. The game has many similarities with the billiards game. However, it provides gamers with a lot of unique features, different subject and gameplay, which is suitable for the breaks. You can download Shootout 3D APK MOD (Remove Ads) at the link below! Thanks and have a fun game!

New update:

+Bug fixes and improvements to keep you shooting


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