Smashing Rush APK (MOD Money) v1.7.0

New update :
●minor bug fixes.
●Update stage mode leaderboard.
●Modified UI.
●Update cloud save.
●Update best score reward.
●Update challenge mode clear reward.
●Added new stages on stage mode.
●Increased in-game coin reward.

Smashing Rush is an interesting running game on the mobile. Moreover, if you love Parkour, you will definitely love this game because it will bring you a great feeling when running on the top of the buildings in the city. Let’s check it out right below!

Smashing Rush apk


The attractive gameplay

In Smashing Rush, your main task is to control your character to complete the challenge on the most difficult journey. In which, gamers have to take the character through the top of the high buildings in the city, avoid obstacles on the way and try not to fall down. Everything will be very simple at the first levels. However, the more you play the game, the more difficult it will be because the obstacles will appear more and more. There will be times when you hit the wall or fall off the building then you will start the journey from the beginning.

Smashing Rush game play

The key features

Diverse task system

In each level, there will be a few small tasks for you to complete, such as triple jump or something similar. When you win, you will get some interesting gifts. These additional tasks will cause you to think carefully about how to play so that you have just completed the task and won, opening up the opportunity to unlock more new characters. Besides, you have to collect gold coins on the screen. But you should be careful because it can be a “trap”.

Smashing Rush game mod

Many characters with different shapes

Smashing Rush allows players to unlock up to 21 characters, which is definitely a goal of the players in the game. With characters taken from blockbuster movies like Bruce Lee, Deadpool, Batman or Superman to incredibly funny animals or effigies, they will help your journey more interesting. Of course, the game won’t give you from the beginning, so you have to play, collect enough gold coins and unlock them. Moreover, the price is not cheap.Smashing Rush apk game


The game modes

The Smashing Rush has three modes including Item Rush Mode, Stage Mode and Challenge Mode. Each mode has a unique challenge, obstacles, which you have to thoroughly understand and skillfully overcome them.

Smashing Rush apk game

The intuitive control system

The control system of the game only consists of two main buttons: Jump and Smash. You can press on the left button of the screen to jump and double press to get a double jump. When you encounter blue walls, you can press on the virtual button on the right side of the screen to Smash and go through them.

Smashing Rush

Impressive graphic design

In addition to these interesting features, Smashing Rush is highly rated in term of great graphics. The game is designed on vivid 3D graphics, in which the details are made very meticulously and elaborately. In addition, Smashing Rush has the main background with the light colours that make gamers relaxed. Moreover, you experience a different map, mixed with a great music system that will make you play the game for hours without boring.

Smashing Rush graphics

The information of Smashing Rush APK (MOD Money)

  • Name: Smashing Rush
  • Version: 1.7.0
  • Publisher: Cold Soda
  • Capacity: 76 Mb
  • MOD: Money
  • Device Supported: Android 4.1+
  • ROOT: Not needed


Smashing Rush is a great game for those who love the cute running game. Smashing Rush created the unique gaming experience with interesting gameplay, attractive features and intuitive control mechanism. It surely satisfies all gamers. You can download Smashing Rush APK MOD (Money)  for free in this article. Don’t forget to follow the page to update new games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!


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