SMS Backup & Restore APK v10.07.106

SMS Backup & Restore APK is an interesting application that supports backing up and recovering messages on Android devices. Although it is available for free, this app has many powerful utilities, including smart options. Also, it allows users to set up automatic backup processes.

Having an app to backup and restore messages is the need for quite a lot of users. Sometimes, there will always be cases where we accidentally delete or install an application that makes the data on the device lost. However, it is not easy to find an effective application that supports this feature because they always have certain device limitations. To help users solve this problem, would like to introduce to you a helpful application that supports backing up and restoring messages, which is SMS Backup & Restore APK. Please join us to find it out right now!

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The usage

Step 1: Users download SMS Backup & Restore in the link at the end of this article.

Step 2: In the main interface of the app, it will show up your messages on the phone. At this point, you can select 1 or more messages to backup.

Step 3: Click the Save icon at the bottom of the screen and select “compress before sending”. Then, you can preview or save it.

Step 4: Go to Saved Conversations and rename your conversation and click “Yes”.

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The key features

• Backup of SMS messages in XML format.

• Option to automatically upload Email, Google Drive and Dropbox to backup files in the original storage folder on the device via the built-in Add-on.

• Set up the automatic backup process.

• Backup format depends on the Android version. Also, the app allows you to move messages from one device to another.

• Select the messages you want to back up.

• View / Restore all the messages or only selected messages.

• Delete all messages on the phone.

• Share via email the backup file.

• XML files can be converted into other formats and also viewed on the computer.

• Works effectively on Android devices v1.5 to 5.0.

• Protect user information

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Request access for SMS Backup & Restore APK

• Access to phone messages

• Access to memory to create backup files

• Connect internet

• Run when the device is open: To start the scheduled backup feature.

• Vibration mode: Vibrate when a task is completed.

• Prevent the phone from going to sleep while backing up or restoring

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In the world today, there are hundreds of applications to backup and restore messages. However, they are quite complex and difficult for users. SMS Backup & Restore APK was born to solve that problem. It not only convenient and easy to use but also commits to protecting customer information. Readers can download the app at the link below.

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