Full NameSouth Park: Phone Destroyer
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version5.3.2
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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South Park: Phone Destroyer is a great game, which is a product of the collaboration game between Ubisoft and South Park Digital Studios. The game is first announced at the E3 2017 event. After testing in certain areas, South Park: Phone Destroyer has officially released worldwide on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. It is known that South Park: Phone Destroyer is a mobile game developed by Ubisoft’s studio RedLynx. Besides, it is the help of the creator of the animated cartoon series of the same name, South Park Digital Studios. This game title has unique gameplay, which is the combination of real-time strategy style (RTS) and card elements. It allows players to collect a variety of familiar characters. Let’s find it out right now!

South Park: Phone Destroyer apk

Explore the vast world in the game

Entering the world of South Park: Phone Destroyer, players will play the role of a boy in town, accompanying a lot of funny characters such as cowboys, pirates, robots and even one mighty god. South Park: Phone Destroyer for Android pushes players into unexpected real-time battles that you have never experienced with the iconic characters of South Park. This game perfectly combines live tactical battles, bloody PvP battles with the humour of South Park and a beautiful card collection.

Basically, the player’s task is to form a strong squad including cowboys, witches, Cyborg (half-human, half-machine) and more to compete with opponents. Besides, you can turn into Cartman, Kenny, Stan or Kyle and get ready to face all the dangerous challenges.

South Park: Phone Destroyer download apk

Intense battles

In addition to the large world, South Park: Phone Destroyer also offers many great battles for players. You can build and upgrade the squad based on cards equipped with characters. Besides, the game has more than 80 different card types. Each of them possesses unique features and skills. You need to calculate it appropriately to be able to use them in the best way.

South Park: Phone Destroyer download apk mod

Exciting PvP mode

Besides the PvE features, the game also has a PvP mode, allowing players to compete with each other. Moreover, the rewards are extremely attractive. The game is released in the form of free-2-play with an in-app purchase system. Players can access the link below to download the game.

Excellent graphics

South Park: Phone Destroyer has not so outstanding graphics, but the colours and effects are very great with harmony combination. Besides, the character design is extremely cute and funny.

The highlights of South Park: Phone Destroyer MOD APK

  • You can experience the new sitcom South Park with many typical characters such as Stan of Many Moons, Cyborg Kenny, Ninjew Kyle, Grand Wizard Cartman and more.
  • Defeat opponents in real-time PvP battles
  • Experience the funny story in single-player mode, which is co-edited by Ubisoft and South Park Digital Studios
  • Collect and upgrade over 80 unique cards, including new beautiful designs
  • Join a team and enhance the deck by sharing cards with teammates
  • Customize the hero into a child with unique looks.
  • Witness Randy wears a new unique and funny outfit.
  • Kill Kenny

South Park: Phone Destroyer apk mod


Although South Park: Phone Destroyer for Android was developed on a completely new platform, it still ensures the humour that attracts fans around the world. If you want to have great laughter on smartphones, don’t hesitate to click on the link below to download South Park: Phone Destroyer MOD APK as well as enjoy the interesting gaming experience right now. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:
– Improvements to game audio
– Improved Player & Team stats tracking
– Technical stability updates and bugfixes

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